Argenta Hall

Building Code: AH

Building Number: 008

Emergency housing after the Argenta Hall explosion: Ongoing updates

In response to the explosion that occurred Friday, July 5 that damaged Argenta and Nye Halls, we are relocating summer housing to Peavine Hall, until further notice. Any Argenta Hall summer residents can report to Peavine Hall. Housing assignments for Fall 2019 are delayed at this time. Student Services is continuing to work diligently on getting these assignments completed as soon as possible.

A list of frequently asked questions about the event can be found on Nevada Today. Check back for regular updates.

Argenta Hall opened in August 2000. A second phase opened in August 2004. Today, eight-story Argenta accommodates 518 residents, primarily freshmen. Each 250-square-foot residence is a double room (houses two students) and has a private bathroom. The Downunder Café, located on the ground floor, offers a buffet style dining room with multiple venues, including oriental cuisine, fire grill, fresh made pizza and salad and more.

Argenta Hall