The Wolf Pack Way

The Wolf Pack Way is as diverse as the individuals that embody it.

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A background video without sound showcasing student life at the University of Nevada, Reno, including people walking the Quad, using the library, conducting research, testing robotics, holding research classes outdoors, flying drones, participating in dance class, playing music, playing intercollegiate sports, and cheering at Mackay Stadium.

A banner with the Nevada Sport Wolf logo and the words "The Wolf Pack Way" hangs from a pole along the University of Nevada, Reno Quad.

When we share The Wolf Pack Way, we know we are taking up the challenges of our time. And that by doing so, we are making the world a better place.

Brian Sandoval, President

The Wolf Pack Way Logo

We build The Wolf Pack Way together

The Wolf Pack Way is when we use what we have learned and experienced at the University of Nevada, Reno and provide it for the benefit of others. In the sharing of the opportunities that have helped us along our own individual paths, we help lift our friends, our neighbors and our communities from challenges and seek the prospect of a better future together.

The Wolf Pack Way is about collaborative involvement and personal investment — being part of a community while also building a community that is predicated on inclusivity, creativity, and opportunity.

The Wolf Pack Way helps us grow closer to our community. It reminds us that we all have a role to play — that every person has unique talents, skills, potential and heartfelt passions. These personal assets are the reason why each of us has something special to contribute toward the betterment of any community of which we are a part.

The Wolf Pack Way is compassionate acknowledgment of our differences, and the enriching respect that comes from understanding another human being’s perspective and point of view.

The Wolf Pack Way means that we are at our very best when we think not about ourselves, but about the lives, the dreams, and the opportunities of our friends and neighbors. That in the common hopes and dreams of all people, we can find intersections of hope and possibility, where our time, effort and actions can make a difference in a person’s life or in the positive direction of a community.

The Wolf Pack Way is knowing that whatever it is we do, whether it is in the smallest of actions or the most imposing of accomplishments, it can be enough to help the lives of others in the most significant of ways.

We share The Wolf Pack Way, knowing that when we do this, the world can be a better place.

The Wolf Pack Way: A Path of Greatness

Check out some of our notable alumni featured on The Wolf Pack Way banners across campus.

  • The Wolf Pack Way; [From left to right] Lloyd Barrington, B.S. Economics (1928), University of Nevada, Reno, First Native American Graduate; Jordan Scott Berns, B.A. Journalism (2018), Producer, JSB Video; Maj. Gen. Ondra Berry, M.P.A. Political Science (1996), Nevada Adjutant General, Nevada National Guard
  • The Wolf Pack Way; [From left to right] Joshua Bonde, B.S. Biology (2003), Director, Nevada State Museum; Cecilia Bowers, M.S. Physician Assistant Studies (2020), Physician Assistant, Community Health Alliance; Cindy Buchanan, B.S. Finance and Economics (1995), Executive Director, JPMorgan Chase
  • The Wolf Pack Way; [From left to right] Nate Burleson (1999-2002), Emmy Award Winner, Co-Host CBS Mornings, NFL Wide Receiver (2003-2014); Nisa Butler, B.S. Human Development & Family Studies (2018), Re-engagement Facilitator, Washoe County School District; Anna J. Camp, M.A. Anthropology (2009), Ph.D. Anthropology (2017), Tribal Liaison/NAGPRA Coordinator, Nevada State Museum
  • The Wolf Pack Way; [From left-to-right] Nicole J. Cannizzaro, B.S. Business Administration and Management (2006), Senate Majority Leader, Nevada Legislature; Susan Carbiener, M.B.A. (2008), Regional Human Resources Manager, Swift Communications, Inc.; Machalagh Carr, B.A. Criminal Justice (2002), Chief of Staff, Speaker of the House, U.S. House of Representatives
  • The Wolf Pack Way; [From leff to right] Jonathan Carral, B.A. with Honors, International Affairs (2013), Director, Transformation and Learning, United Way of New York City; Kevin Carroll, B.S. Education (1992), Principal, Sparks High School; Dominique Chi Nguyen, B.S. Human Development and Family Studies (2019), AMFT Post Masters Fellow, Kaiser Permanente
  • The Wolf Pack Way; [From left to right] Helena Class-Alexander, M.S.N. Family Nurse Practitioner (2020), Hospice and Palliative Care Specialist, Infinity Hospice Care; Kenneth Collins, B.A. Music Education (1989), Commanding Officer, U.S. Navy Band; Austin Corbett, B.S. Community Health Sciences (2017); Los Angeles Rams, Super Bowl LVI Champion
  • The Wolf Pack Way; [From left to right] Catherine Cortez Masto, B.S. Finance (1986), U.S. Senator; Michelle Falcón Mujica, B.S. Electrical Engineering (2020), Power Systems Engineer, Eaton Corporation; Jason Frierson, B.S. Health Science (1996), United States Attorney for the District of Nevada
  • The Wolf Pack Way; [From left to right] Hector Garcia, B.S. Human Development and Family Studies (2017), Attendance Officer, Washoe County School District; Noemi Gomez Martinez, B.S. Business Management (2016), B.A. Spanish (2016), M.S.W. Social Work (2020), Management Team, City of Reno; Sierra Gonzales, B.S. Mechanical Engineering (2017), M.S. Mechanical Engineering (2018), Software Systems Engineer, Lockheed Martin
  • The Wolf Pack Way; [From left to right] Jhony Habbouche, B.S. Civil Engineering (2014), M.S. Civil and Environmental Engineering (2015), Ph.D. Civil and Environmental Engineering (2019), Research Scientist, Virginia Department of Transportation; Steven Haines, B.A. International Affairs (2009), Foreign Affairs Officer, U.S. State Department; Dominique Hall, B.A. Journalism (2021), J.D. Candidate, Howard University;
  • The Wolf Pack Way; [From left to right] Amber Hallman, B.S. Human Development and Family Studies (2020), B.A. Criminal Justice - Pre-Law (2020), Therapeutic Teacher, CAN Prevent; Stephanie Hansen, B.A. Philosophy and B.S. Physics (1998), Ph.D. Physics (2003), Senior Scientist, Sandia National Laboratories, Visiting Associate Professor, Cornell University; Melissa Harmon, B.S. Mining Engineering (2000), General Manager, Newmont Cripple Creek and Victor Mines
  • The Wolf Pack Way; [From left to right] Steven Horsford, B.S. General Studies (2014), U.S. Representative, Chair, Congressional Black Caucus, Nevada's first African-American State Senate Majority Leader; Tracey Howard, B.A. Art (2010), M.Ed. Elementary Education (2012), Director, STEM Program, Governor's Office of Science, Innovation and Technology (OSIT); Brianne Hritz, M.S. Biotechnology (2020), Cytotechnologist, Quest Diagnostics
  • [From left to right] Brian Huynh, B.S. Mining Engineering (2018), Mine Operations Supervisor, Freeport-McMoRan; Hannah Jackson, B.A. Journalism (2019), Marshal's Aide, U.S. Supreme Court; L.J. Jackson, B.A. Criminal Justice (2016), M.A. Educational Leadership (2017), CEO, Jackson & Associates Consulting;
  • The Wolf Pack Way; [From left to right] María José Ubrina, B.A. Political Science (2008), Managing Director, Indivisible Project; Alexa Juliana Ard, B.A. Journalism (2016), Video Editor, The Washington Post; Jay Kenny, B.A. Speech Communication (2001), Owner, Doughboy Donuts
  • The Wolf Pack Way; [From left to right] Heather Kerwin, B.S. Community Health Sciences (2009), M.P.H. (2011), Epidemiology Program Maker, Washoe County; Rick Kraus, B.S. Physics (2007), Research Scientist, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory; Mitchell Lane, B.S. Mechanical Engineering (2019), M.S. Mechanical Engineering (2020), Mechanical Engineer, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
  • The Wolf Pack Way; [From left to right] Tyler Lantrip, B.S. Finance and Economics (2010), M.B.A. (2011), Chief Financial Officer, Tolles Development Company; Lisa LeMond, B.S. Biology and Biochemistry (2004), M.D. (2008), Transplant Cardiologist, Mayo Clinic; Daniel Lindbergh Lang, B.A. Journalism, with Honors (2019), Nevada Advocacy Coordinator, National Peace Corps Association
  • The Wolf Pack Way; [From left to right] Mona Martinez, Ph.D. Counselor Education and Supervision (2019), Owner, The Counseling Exchange; Jocelyn Mata, M.S.W. Social Work (2010), Outpatient Oncology Social Worker, Renown Health; Aron McCulloch, B.S. Civil Engineering (2022), Veteran, United States Air Force, Deployed in Afghanistan in 2014 and 2015, Kuwait in 2019, Kiewit
  • The Wolf Pack Way; [From left to right] Nate Mellum, M.S.N. Nursing (2020), Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioner, Carson-Tahoe Behavioral Health; Grace Miller, B.A. Philosophy and Political Science (2017), Associate, Cravath, Swaine & Moore; Melissa Molyneaux, B.S. Marketing (2006), Executive Vice President, Colliers International
  • The Wolf Pack Way [From left to right] Liv Moore, B.A. Journalism (2017), Documentary and Music Awards Strategy, Netflix; Kyra Morgan, B.S. Mathematics (2010), M.S. Mathematics (2016), Chief Biostatistician, State of Nevada; Diana Moss, B.A. in Mathematics (2006), M.S. Mathematics (2008), Ph.D. Curriculum, Teaching and Learning (2014), Teaching Assistant Professor, University of Nevada, Reno
  • The Wolf Pack Way; [From left to right] Marion Motley, 1940-1942, Broke NFL Color Barrier, NFL 100 All-Time Team; Emma Murphy, B.S. Mathematics (2007), Professor, University of Toronto; Peyton Murphy, B.S. Environmental Science (2020), Environmental Planner, Cowlitz County, Washington
  • The Wolf Pack Way; [From left to right] Taisuke Nagayama, B.S. Physics and Computer Science (2002), M.S. Physics (2006), Ph.D. Physics (2011), Physicist, Sandia National Laboratories; Nathan Navarro Griffin, M.S. Computer Science and Engineering (2020), Gameplay, Squanch Games; Jóse Olivares, B.A. Journalism (2017), B.A. Sociology (2017), Lead Producer, The Intercept
  • The Wolf Pack Way; [From left to right] Ivon Padilla-Rodriguez, B.A. History (2015), B.A. Philosophy (2015), Assistant Professor of History, University of Illinois-Chicago; Krysta Palmer, B.S. Community Health Sciences (2016), U.S. Olympic Diver, Olympic Bronze Medalist; Jilliann Parraguirre, B.A. Art (2017), Outreach Manager, Western Folklife Center
  • The Wolf Pack Way; [From left to right] Christine Pebbles, B.S.N. Nursing (2017), Doctorate of Nursing Practice (2020), Owner, Pebbles Psychiatry and Psychiatric Mental Health Practitioner; Melissa Perez-Rios, B.S. Marketing (2017), M.B.A. (2020), Marketing and Special Projects Manager, Gastroenterology Consultants; Denis Phares, M.B.A. (2014), CEO, Dragonfly Energy Corporation
  • The Wolf Pack Way; [From left to right] Rama Raja, B.S. Biotechnology and Molecular Biology (2015), M.D. (2018), Assistant Clinical Professor, Ohio State University Medical Center; Alexis Reel, B.S. Economics (2020), Economist, State of Nevada; Karolina Rivas, B.A. Journalism and Political Science (2019), Producer, Good Morning America
  • The Wolf Pack Way; [From left to right] Megan Rumzie, M.S.N. Nursing (2020), Virtual Reality Therapy Clinical Leader, V.A. Sierra Nevada Healthcare System; Brian Sandoval, B.A. English (1986), President, University of Nevada, Reno; Lauralyn Sandoval, B.A. Journalism (1992), Vice President, Aristocrat Technologies, Inc.
  • The Wolf Pack Way; [From left to right] Mckenzie Shipman-Sanvido, B.S. Biology and Analytical Chemistry (2015), CEO & Chemist, The Lab Pros; Yon Sohn, B.S. Chemistry and Materials Science and Engineering (2006), M.S. Metallurgical Engineering (2008), Associate General Counsel, HID Global Corporation; Tsanavi Spoonhunter, B.A. Journalism (2017), Documentary Filmmaker
  • The Wolf Pack Way; [From left to right] Luke Tanaka, B.S. Accounting (2015), Manager, PWC; Angie Taylor, B.S. Business Administration (1985), M.P.A. (1991), Ph.D. (2004), President and CEO, Guardian Quest, Board Trustee/President, Washoe County School District; Lydia Teel, M.S. Civil and Environmental Engineering (2015), Ph.D. (2021), Engineering Resources Program Administrator, Truckee Meadows Water Authority
  • The Wolf Pack Way; [From left to right] Selena Torres, B.A. English Literature (2016), English Teacher, Nevada Assemblywoman; Garrett Vice, M.S. Geology (2008), Senior Geoscientist, Exxon Mobil; Kaleb Wartgow, B.A. Philosophy (2011), Doctor of Medicine (2016), Physician, South Lyon Medical Center;
  • The Wolf Pack Way; [From left to right] Yvette Waters, B.S. Nutrition (2013), Nutritionist Strategist and Brand Influencer, Raley's; Leslie Wesler Sherrill, B.S. Physics (2000), M.S. Physics (2003), Ph.D. Physics (2006), Deputy Division Leader, Los Alamos National Laboratory; Vick Wowo, B.S. Management (2011), M.B.A. (2017), Global Head of Sports and Live X Strategy
  • The Wolf Pack Way; KaPreace Young, B.S. Human Development and Family Studies (2016), M.A. Educational Leadership and Higher Education Administration (2020), Equity and Diversity Specialist, Washoe County School District