Gateway Project

A joint project from the University and City of Reno.

Connection, revitalization and an inspiring corridor to campus — the Mathewson Gateway Project is about more than beautiful new buildings; it’s about bridging the community together. Here the Wolf Pack family will discover and enjoy a place of inspiration in the heart of the Reno-Tahoe area.

A joint project from the University and City of Reno, the Mathewson Gateway Project transitions between the historic University campus and urban edge of downtown Reno to leverage social encounters, drive community engagement and foster economic growth.

It will catalyze the invigoration of Northern Reno between I-80 and Downtown Reno while expanding the University beyond its southern boundary; therefore, creating a much-needed link between the University and the City of Reno via an urban University environment replete with a mix of academic and research uses.

To prepare for a vibrant, shared future, the University and the City joined together to make the best use of the zone between the University and the City of Reno. The University Foundation acquired 17 private properties and carefully planned what is now the Mathewson University Gateway District.

A public-private agreement

The Gateway District is a public-private 3rd Party Development Agreement with Edgemoor Infrastructure & Real Estate (Edgemoor), an award-winning leader in developing academic facilities and complimentary use development. Edgemoor has successfully delivered, financed and operated multiple higher education projects across the country. Through the agrement, the Gateway District will fully maximize use of the parcel with complementary uses and potential revenue streams including a privately run hotel and conference center.

Planned with purpose

Edgemoor LogoThe project will create jobs for residents of Reno and the surrounding region, and Edgemoor and Clark Construction are actively looking to add local, small and diverse businesses and partners to the project team.

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Artist's aerial-view sketch of the multi-story College of Business building
Rendering for Gateway Parking Complex

The Gateway parking project

The Gateway Parking Complex opened in January 2023 and is an infrastructure anchor for the Mathewson University Gateway. The seven-story complex is located on the southwest corner of Lake and East Ninth Streets and includes 800 parking spaces for use by University students, faculty, staff and visitors as well as a pedestrian bridge on the north end of the garage, allowing people to safely cross Ninth Street onto the University campus.

A montage without sound of the new College of Business that higlights its new features, including the campus entrance, student corridors, the student success center, case study classrooms, student commons, outdoor plaza, auditorium, trading labs, north exterior terrace, student collaboration areas, classrooms, executive board room, dean's terrace, and the exterior of the new building.

An artist's rendering of the the University's new College of Business building, a multi-story, modern brick building with the University's logo and name on the top of the building.

The new College of Business

The five-story, 128,000 square-foot building will become a new home for the College of Business. The full block development includes site and landscape improvements to promote a variety of flexible and functional outdoor spaces. The building will have multiple points of entry, at both Level 1 and Level 2, that will enhance programmatic adjacencies between internal programs and external context, encouraging spontaneous collaboration and active learning. It will enhance student success by providing learning spaces modeled on up-to-date best practices in business pedagogy and instruction.

Inside you’ll find a full range of spaces dedicated to student instruction and tailored to best practices in modern business education.

Planned features also include the following:

  • A 300-seat auditorium
  • A café/social space
  • Advanced technology labs
  • State-of-the-art trading lab
  • Case-method optimized teaching and study spaces
  • Team meeting spaces and collaboration zones
  • Study niches and collaboration zones

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Artist's rendering for a courtyard of the new College of Business building, a large, L-shaped building with large glass windows.
Rendering of building courtyard (courtesy of LMN Architects and Design Distill)
Artist's rendering of the new College of Business building during the evening, with people walking in front of the modern brick building with illuminated windows, with walking paths and trees lining the building.
Rendering of College of Business building (courtesy of LMN Architects and Design Distill)
Artist's rendering of the new College of Business from a corner view, showing the modern brick exterior, along with walking paths filled with people.
Rendering of College of Business building (courtesy of LMN Architects and Design Distill)