Nevada First-Gen Network Micro-Grants

The Nevada First-Gen Network (NFGN) is pleased to announce that we will be disbursing $1.2 million dollars in micro-grants to programs and initiatives across the state of Nevada in the upcoming year!

Micro-Grant Details

Micro-grants will provide timely and targeted support to programs and initiatives that are dedicated to guiding first-generation students toward higher education.

Any organizations, non-profits, or initiatives in Nevada that serve first-generation students in middle school, high school, and in higher education are eligible to apply!

Applicants must be able to meet one or more of the following criteria:

  • Mentorship
  • Tutoring
  • Increase access to food and technology
  • Alleviating learning loss
  • Efforts for more programming
  • Serve students between 6th grade to post-secondary education

The micro-grant application is to be announced

 “A large-scale investment in first-generation student programming is practically unheard-of, this looks different than anything we’re really seeing right now. I think there is a lack of understanding sometimes at the state government level of who first-generation students are and the challenges institutions have in supporting students…Nevada could really be a national leader in this space.”

-Sarah Whitney, Inside Higher Education, Nov. 2020