First-Gen Network

A first-gen network
built by Nevada's first-gen students.

The Nevada First-Gen Network (NFGN) is dedicated to providing relief for first-generation students affected by COVID-19, through community outreach, network building, micro-grant distribution, and professional development. NFGN will be conducting a statewide needs assessment to identify critical support services that enhance the success of students. The COVID-19 pandemic has negatively impacted first-generation students and their families, as well as put a strain on the educational system in Nevada. NFGN will address and reduce learning loss by supporting existing programs that are centered around mentorship, tutoring, and providing higher access to food and technology.

Nevada first-gen network photo gallery

  • NFGN team picture
  • NFGN at Incline Beach.
  • NFGN met with La Voz Huellas from Las Vegas to learn more about the new mentoring program.
  • NFGN and DFS team learn CPR!
  • NFGN meeting DFS YCI 2022 Cohort during class!
  • NFGN and DFS meet with Assemblywomen, Selena Torres, NV Assembly District 3.
  • NFGN meets with Assemblywomen, Selena Torres, NV Assembly District 3 and Michael Flores, Director of Government Relations and Community Engagement for the University of Nevada, Reno.
  • NFGN meets with Fulfillment fund from Las Vegas.
  • NFGN presenting DFS incline summer program to IMS.
  • NFGN presenting to the 6th grade class at Incline Middle School for the upcoming summer program.
  • NFGN presenting to the Incline Middle School students for the new summer program.
  • NFGN meeting with the 5th grade class at Incline Elementary School for the upcoming summer program.
  • NFGN at Inline Middle Schools 5th grade promotion.

Founder story

Mariluz Garcia

Our story begins with our Nevada First-Gen Network Founder, Dr. Mariluz Garcia.

In 2021, Dr. Garcia received statewide recognition for her work when she was granted 4 million dollars from Senate Bill 461 and founded the Nevada First-Gen Network in 2022 to help prospective first-generation college students in grade 6 or higher who were negatively impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic throughout the State of Nevada.

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