Applying for Domestic Undergraduate Degree Seeking Admission

You may begin your University of Nevada freshman application by navigating to the Application for Admission site.

To begin your admission application, you must create a user account. Click the Create Account icon on the left hand side of the screen. If you have an application in progress, you may use your original username and password to log in and continue your application.

screen shot of application for admission site showing to click on create account

Enter all required fields on the Create Account page, and click Submit to create an admission application username and password. **As a reminder, these log in credentials are only used to work on and submit your admission application. Once you have submitted your admission application you will not use this username and password again; unless you submit an additional admission application in the future.

screen shot of create account page showing the name fields and email address which need to be filled in

Apply Nevada Account Information screen

Confirmation of your Application for Admission account creation will then be displayed for you. You are now ready to log in and work on an admission application. 

Log in using the username and password you just created. 

screen shot showing how to log into the application for admission site

Click on 'Start Application' to begin. As long as you 'Save' your application progress, you may return here to access your in progress application until you fully submit it.

screen shot of application for admission showing to click on start application icon to begin an application

Within 'Create New Application', please select the corresponding 'Career', 'Term', 'Admit Type' and 'Application Type' you wish to submit. Once you have started an application you may return to this page, as long as you have saved your progress along the way, and edit if need be before submitting.

create new application

Please be sure to read over the Admission Requirements and Required Documents before continuing onto the application.

admissions requirements


Required Documents

Fill out the required Biographical Information and click 'Next'. At the upper left hand side of the screen there is a 'Save' button. We recommend that you periodically 'Save' your application to make sure the information is not lost while you are working on it.  

Biographical Information

 Fill out the required Address, Telephone and Email information and click 'Next'.

address, telephone and email

Enter your Demographic Information, which includes your Veteran Status and Race/Ethnicity.

Demographic Information

You may select the major you wish to pursue on the Declaration of Major page. If you wish, you may change this at a later time. The Type of Admission sought section will be populated corresponding to the information you entered during the creation of your application.

declaration of major

In the High School Education section, you will select  the last high school you attended. Click on the magnifying glass to look up your school. Please also input your Graduation year.

 high school information

You will see a window where you can look up your high school by City, State, or CEEB Code.  For more information about this process, please visit the page Looking Up Other Schools You Have Attended.

High School Look Up

If you have previously attended another institution of higher education, please indicate this in the Previous College Education section. If you are applying as a Transfer admit type, please be sure and list all previously attended colleges. If you are applying as a Second Bachelor's admit type, please be sure and indicate the date you graduated with your first Undergraduate degree.

Previous College Education

On the Emergency Contact Information page, fill out the required information for the individual you would like to have contacted if you are admitted to the university and there is an emergency.

emergency contact

On the Residency Information page, you will select whether or not you intend to seek Nevada residency for tuition purposes.  If you do intend to seek Nevada residency, you will need to enter a date when your physical residency in Nevada began as well as provide verifying documentation to Admissions and Records.

Residency information You may save, exit, and return to editing your application anytime before you submit it.  Navigate back to My Applications, select the application you wish to edit, and continue working on it. **As a reminder, once you have fully submitted your admission application, you will no longer log into Application for Admission site, as this site is only used to work on and submit an admission application. A few business days after you have submitted your admission application you will receive an email from our office with additional instructions on how to activate a MyNEVADA account going forward.**

screen shot showing to click on the my applications icon in order to view previously submitted applications

On the final page of the application, you will need to provide your electronic signature, certifying that the information you have provided on the application is accurate and that you understand that all required credentials, such as transcripts and other educational records, must be directly submitted before an admission decision may be made.

Applicant Certification

To complete the submission of your application, you must pay the non refundable $60.00 admission application fee.

Applicant's Payment

Fill out the required billing information and click on Continue to process your payment.

Pay with Credit Card

You will see this page when your application fee has been processed.

Payment Completed Message

You may click on Back to view your completed application.

Payment Completed