Managing Your To Do List

To view your To Do List in MyNEVADA, click on To Do List in the lower left side of the page. The To Do List is a list of additional information we need from you in order to complete your application, admission to the university, or normal maintenance of your school records. Financial Aid To Do items will also appear here if the action requires your attention.

To do list

You will now see a list of To Do's for your record. To see the details and instructions for completing the task, click the To Do Item in blue and it will detail the task and how to complete it. If left unresolved, some To Do's (such as immunizations) may eventually convert to enrollment holds and prevent you from enrolling in classes. Complete these tasks promptly in order to prevent holds from occurring.

To Do List screen shot showing items with hidden and visible due dates

View of Details:

To Do's detail