Advanced Class Search

Click on the [Additional Search Criteria] button will open up a menu with additional filters you can use to search for classes.

You can add search criteria to filter for:

  • Meeting days and times
  • Instructors
  • Course Titles
  • Minimum and Maximum Units
  • Session: This option allows you to show only Winter Session courses or a specific Summer Session.
  • Mode of Instruction: This option allows you to filter for web-based courses.
  • Location: This option allows your search to include courses offered at the Redfield Campus.  Please note that while all of our USAC locations appear here, they will never return any results as USAC classes do not display in the online class search.
  • Attributes: Attributes allow you to look for courses either in a specific cohort (Honors) or for courses that satisfy University core requirements such as Fine Arts or Diversity courses.

Class Search Advanced