Completing Advanced Registration

Advanced Registration is available for new fall freshmen only and allows students to receive their class schedule as early as January. In order to participate, students must complete the following: 

  • Accept admission. Accepting admission is a non-binding decision that allows the applicant to move forward in new student processes such as Advanced Registration. 
  • Submit immunizations. Two doses for measles, mumps, and rubella (MMR) after age 1, and one dose of tetanus/diphtheria (TD) within the last 10 years, and the Meningitis (MCV4) vaccination received on or after the age of 16.  
  • Pay the fully refundable, non-binding $250 Advanced Registration deposit on MyNEVADA. 
  • Complete and submit the Advanced Registration Questionnaire on MyNEVADA under Supplemental Forms.

Please note: In order to receive a refund for the Advanced Registration Deposit - students must cancel their admission to the University for the semester in which they inititally applied.  

Paying The Deposit

To pay your Advanced Registration deposit, navigate to MyNEVADA 2.0 and either search for Advanced Registration in the upper right hand corner of the homepage:

screen shot showing the search bar from the mynevada 2.0 homepage

Or click on the Future Students/Applicants Task Center from the MyNEVADA 2.0 homepage:

screen shot of the applicant task center from the mynevada 2.0 homepage

Click on the Step 5: Advanced Registration task and log in using your 10 digit NSHE Id and password:

screen shot of the advanced registration task from the mynevda 2.0 homepage

You will see the 'Advanced Registration Deposit' listed under What I Owe. The Outstanding Charges for Advanced Registration is listed as $250. Fill out the Payment Amount of $250 and click Next.

What I Owe

You will be able to select the payment method you prefer to use - either Credit Card or Electronic Check.

Select a Payment Method

Confirm that you are making a payment and click on Continue 'To Make Payment'.

Confirm Payment

Enter your billing information and click 'Continue'.

Billing Information

Confirm the submission of your payment on the next page by clicking 'Submit'.

Submit Payment

You will see a notification that your payment for the Advanced Registration deposit has been accepted.

Payment Accepted

Submitting The Questionnaire

Now that you've completed the $250 deposit, you can submit your Advanced Registration Questionnaire.

To access the Questionnaire navigate to MyNEVADA 2.0, click on the Future Student/Applicants Task Center tile. Then click on the Supplemental Forms tile. Log in using your 10 digit NSHE Id and password:

screen shot of the applicant task center from the mynevada 2.0 homepage

screen shot of the supplemental forms task from the mynevada 2.0 homepage

You will now see all the forms available to you. To complete the 'Advanced Registration Questionnaire' form, simply click on the blue hyperlink for that form.

Supplemental forms showing the advanced registration deposit

After answering all questions be sure to click 'Save' then 'Submit'. 

User Certification

Once you have completed and submitted the Advanced Registration Questionnaire and paid the Advanced Registration Deposit, you will able to move forward in the process to receive your Fall class schedule. Schedules may take 7-10 days for your academic advisor to build. Once your Fall class schedule is generated you will receive an email letting you know. 

If you have new SAT, ACT, AP, or IB test scores, please have them sent to Admissions and Records and email for a schedule revision. 

Students participating in Advanced Registration will have the opportunity to meet with an advisor during summer Orientation and will be able to adjust their schedule at that time.