Freshman Requirements

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The basics

Am I a Freshman?

A New Freshman is an applicant who:

  • is applying during his/her senior year of high school, or
  • has no previous college experience, or
  • has earned less than 24 semester transferable college credits.

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Fall 2019 Application Deadlines

  • September 15 | Admissions application available
  • November 15 | Early Action Admission date
  • February 1* | Admission application deadline for Priority Scholarship Consideration (if eligible)
  • April 7 | Freshman application deadline for Fall 2019

The freshman admission application deadline for spring semester is December 15.

New Freshman Requirements

To be admitted to an undergraduate degree program as a regular freshman student, you must be a graduate from an approved or accredited high school (GED certificate may not be used for admission) and satisfy the below requirements:

High School Courses

English: 4 units
Includes: composition; rhetoric; and American, English and world literature.

Mathematics: 3 units
Includes: algebra, geometry, trigonometry or other advanced math.

Social Studies: 3 units
Includes: world history and geography, U.S. history, economics, government and law.

Natural Science: 3 units
Preferable: biology, chemistry and physics, with at least two in a laboratory science.

*Taking the ACT or SAT is required for admission purposes for first time freshman students*

Applying from California? Compare this section to the California A-G subject list

3.0 High School Weighted Core Academic Grade-Point Average

Students must have a 3.0 weighted GPA in the academic core courses in order to be admitted to the University of Nevada, Reno. The academic courses include: English, math, social sciences and natural sciences. A weighted GPA takes into account the extra difficulty of honors, AP or IB classes.

If you are not admissible, you will be offered enrollment to a Nevada NSHE Community College. You will be offered admission to a Nevada university once you have completed a minimum of 24 college transferable semester credits at a NSHE Community College and have a 2.5 GPA in all your coursework.

Test Scores

If a first-time new freshman does not meet the core academic GPA requirement, they may use the equivalent of the new SAT Critical Reading and Math combined score of 1120 or an ACT composite score of 22, in conjunction with the core academic GPA requirement, for admissions consideration. 13 core courses must be also be met in English, mathematics, social studies and natural sciences.

Submit official ACT or SAT scores (directly from the testing agency) to complete your application for admission. Test scores are required for admission. Scores are also used for placement in first year courses and for new freshman scholarship consideration (if eligible.)

The University accepts the ACT and both the new (after March 2016) and old (prior to March 2016) SAT scores. At this time, the University does not require the writing component.

High School Diploma

If a student does not meet the Academic GPA requirement, students who graduate with an Advanced Diploma from a Nevada High School will be granted admission to the University. 13 core courses  must be also be met in English, mathematics, social studies and natural sciences.

Submit your final official high school transcript to support your application for admission.

Alternate Admission Option

Alternate admissions options may be available.  Further instructions are provided to those who qualify.