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Academic Planning Tools

Students can use the Academic Planner to map out future semesters in their course of study at the University of Nevada.  Via the Plan By Requirements tool, students can run audits including planned coursework.  Students can access these tools by logging into MyNEVADA and navigating to their Student Center Dashboard.  Planning tools may be accessed by clicking [PLAN] or by navigating to Academic Planner in the drop down menu under the Academics section.

Student Dashboard Academics

You may add courses to your Planner by clicking on Add courses to Planner using: [PLAN BY MY REQUIREMENTS].

My Planner

Select a course to view its details and add it to your Planner.  The legend below shows what the different symbols in the "Status" column correspond to.

Report Legend

Select A Course To View

Select the checkbox next to the course and click [ADD TO PLANNER].

Select A Course To Add

You will receive a confirmation that the course has been added to your Planner.

Course Added Notification

You must navigate back to the My Planner page in order to assign the course to a specific term.

Move Courses To Other Terms

Navigate to My Course History and click on the display option [SHOW COURSES FROM MY PLANNER] to show the courses you have taken, the courses that are currently in progress, and the courses you are planning to enroll in and complete in the future.  You can sort results by term to  make sure that the courses you have planned will be taken in the correct sequence.  Use this feature to verify that you will have completed the prerequisites for a course in the correct sequence.  It is also another way to verify that you have assigned each course to a specific term.  Courses that are associated with the Spring 2019 term are courses that are unassigned.

Course History

Review your Planner report to find out what other courses you need to add to plans for future semesters.

Report Legend

Total Units Requirement

Assuming you have carefully reviewed your audit with your academic advisor to verify the availability and sequencing of courses, when your report shows that you have completed all the requirements for graduation, the last term that you have planned coursework for is your expected graduation term.

Active Courses

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