Research Proposal Resources

  • Crafting a Research Proposal
    This article provides an excellent foundation for students approaching proposal writing for the first time and offers advice for each step of the process.
  • Writing an Abstract - Learning Guide
    This clear and concise handout from the University of Adelaide includes examples that demonstrate the structure and style of successful abstracts.
  • Writing Abstracts and Developing Posters for National Meetings
    This article features some useful tables that outline structures for abstracts and layouts for professional posters.
  • Literature Review Handout
    This handout discusses the purpose and objective of the literature review, and provides a general format of its structure.
  • Doing a Literature Review
    Written through the lens of the social sciences, this article provides methods for conducting and writing an effective literature review which students from all disciplines will find useful.
  • Writing a Literature Review Using a Synthesis Matrix
    This handout guides you through a literature review writing technique using a synthesis matrix, a chart that helps you categorize how different sources present their arguments on a specific topic. This is an excellent way to thoroughly and efficiently organize your research.
  • Guided Example of a Short Literature Review
    The author of this guide documents one writer's step-by-step approach to a literature review, from its beginning as an annotated bibliography to the final, synthesized narration.