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Meet Our Consultants

UWC Consultants


Hello, my name is Aaron Smale, and I am working on a graduate degree in English Rhetoric, and Composition. I am passionate about most subjects concerning the humanities, English, writing, and critical thinking and theory. I love to collaborate with other writers on any paper from any discipline, and I like to brainstorm and organize papers, with an ear for rhythm and strength throughout. In helping you with your paper, I am strongest in subjects such as creative writing, poetry, Core Humanities, literary theory, and English. When I'm not on campus, I like to read too much sci-fi, watch a lot of movies, drink quality coffee, and be bossed around by my cat, Isis.


Hi! My name Alyssa Sicat, but you can call me Aly! I'm a sophomore pursuing Nursing and Addiction Treatment Services. I'm a huge advocate for expanding and strengthening writing skills in the STEM fields, because I see the significant role that exceptional writing has when it comes to setting students apart from the rest. In addition, I absolutely love Core Writing and Core Humanities. Outside of school, I am an active member of Delta Gamma, an iced-coffee addict, and an avid photographer. I hope I have the pleasure of meeting you soon!


Hello all! My name is Angelo and I am a new consultant this year. I am pursuing a BS in Economics with a Minor in Math, however, I have taken classes in History, Political Science, Environmental Studies and Chemistry. My strengths lie in argumentative essays and statistical analysis, but I have a working knowledge in lab reports and historical research. From scholarly essays to scientific articles, I am excited to help you develop your ideas and format them in a paper. In my free time, I like to learn, ride my bike and hide out in the mountains. 


Hi, my name is Bailey M. Gamberg. I am a sophomore at the university majoring in English Writing and minoring in Museum Studies. I hope to one day publish a fiction novel and to also work in the Smithsonian or another renowned museum. I specialize in students working with literature and Core Writing courses, although I do have experience with science lab reports as well. My core strengths include working on introductions, thesis statements, organization, and syntax with students. I love to see people enjoy writing just as much as I do! In my spare time I work with ASUN, my sorority, and other clubs on campus along with hanging out with friends, reading, and writing novellas and poetry. I look forward to meeting you!


My name is Chelsea Weller. I am a senior in Civil Engineering with a minor in Sculpture. I am most familiar with writing in engineering and the sciences but I enjoy taking all types of appointments. I am also the writing fellow for the Mechanical Engineering Capstone course with Dr. Geiger. When I am not going to school or interning, I enjoy camping, riding dirt bikes, relaxing with friends, and binge watching shows on Netflix.


My name is Cory Anderson, and I am currently studying Secondary Education with an English emphasis. I hope to one day teach an AP English class at the high school level and then eventually work my way up to teaching college level classes. I enjoy supporting students in literature and Core Writing courses, but I am open to any type of appointment. Additionally, I also enjoy crafting thesis statements and creating general outlines for papers.  When I am not at the Writing Center, I enjoy making trips to Lake Tahoe, watching Giants games, playing with my puppy, reading, and playing Mario Kart. I look forward to a good year with you all!


Hey everybody! My name is Colin and I am a senior studying political science and international affairs. I've worked at the writing center for almost three years and have worked with almost every kind of writing, save for cuneiform and hieroglyphics (on my bucket list) in my time here. I am at my best when brainstorming, working in research papers, and analyzing. In my free time, I am currently writing 6 fiction novels, a research book, and a graphic novel, watching anime, and playing various sports with my roommates. My life goal is to create a privately funded research facility that has a sole purpose of inventing ways to make the world a better place to live in. I look forward to seeing you here this semester.


Hello, my name is Dawson Drake. I'm a dual major in History and Economics with a minor in Math .I enjoy studying economics present and past, lingual history, American cultural history and the Viking Age. I spend a large amount of my free time listening to music , playing video games or watching South Park (also known as procrastinating), and playing with my two German Shepherds, Charley and Zola. I can provide strong support for someone looking to improve upon a research paper in many fields, including the sciences, and I can help anyone looking to work on the classic essay in literature, English or Core Humanities.


I am an English writing Masters student, with a Composition/Rhetoric emphasis.  I have taught ENG098, ENG100J, ENG101, ENG102, and ENG104.  MLA style documentation is what I am most familiar with.  I can help with major essay concerns such as prompt comprehension, organization, research, quote usage and summary/paraphrasing, as well as with sentence-level concerns, such as grammar and punctuation. I am familiar with PowerPoint and can help with presentation creation.  I've tutored for both the Writing Center and the Athletic Department. 


Hi! My name is Edwin Tran, and I am currently a sophomore studying Political Science. I have worked as a freelance journalist for several small websites, and on several other writing projects. As a result, I am a well-rounded writer that can help in a wide range of areas, from narratives to research papers. Furthermore, I have a variety of hobbies, including gaming (video games, card games, tabletop games, etc), reading, and fishing. I also own a cat. 


Hello! My name is Ellen. I am currently a sophomore majoring in Veterinary Science. My writing skills lie in organization, creating strong thesis statements, and building effective conclusions. I am also knowledgeable in pre-writing steps such as brainstorming and outlining. I would love to help you perfect your English or Core Humanities papers at any stage in the writing process, but I would also be happy to help you with other writing assignments. In my free time, you may find me re-reading Harry Potter, sleeping, or spending an unhealthy amount of time on my laptop. I'm here to help you build the skills necessary to become an effective and skillful writer, so don't be shy! I can't wait to work with you.


I have a BA in Anthropology and Women's Studies, and I am pursuing my Master's in Cultural Anthropology with a Gender, Race, and Identity Certificate. I'm familiar with anything from standard argumentative essays, theory papers, archaeology research proposals, grant writing and even a little creative writing. I mostly work in Chicago and MLA formatting but willing to help with other formats.  I enjoy idea generation, research, close text readings, and theorizing. With over five years of experience in community organizing around social justice and sustainability, my passion and strength is connecting academic work to meaningful contemporary issues. I look forward to working with you to write a thoughtful paper!


Hi there! My name is Erin Beatie. I am a graduate student pursuing a Master's of Education with an emphasis in Secondary Education English. I received my BA in English Literature from UNR. I particularly enjoy working with students on English and Core Humanities papers, but I am happy to help with a paper on any subject. I like collaborating with students on any stage of the writing process, especially brainstorming and organization. When I have some free time, I love to read and catch up on TV (Game of Thrones, Grey's Anatomy) in the company of my husband and our two handsome cats, Colby and Jack.


Hi! I'm Greta. I'm currently a senior majoring in journalism and minoring in art. This is my second year working at the University Writing Center, and I am looking forward to another great semester of writing! I enjoy the challenges of brainstorming, thesis construction and organization, but am also comfortable discussing grammar and editing.  Though much of my writing experience is in the journalism field, my favorite type of writing is the essay writing I've done for English literature, and Core Humanities classes. Outside of school, I enjoy taking road trips, eating great food, and reading. I also compete for the NCAA Rifle team and spend much of my time training and competing for the University as an athlete. I look forward to helping you develop your writing skills!


I am currently a senior at the University of Nevada, Reno dual majoring in Sociology and International Affairs. I serve as the Treasurer of the UNR Sociology Club, as a member of the Secular Student Alliance on campus, and as a student Board Member for the Model United Nations of the Far West INC. The fall semester will be my first time working for the Writing Center and for the University in general and I am very excited for the opportunity. I truly enjoy writing and look forward to helping other students on campus with their own writing assignments and/or projects. I will be working as a general consultant for the Writing Center, so disregard my personal academic emphasis and feel free to bring me any piece of writing, regardless of the topic.


Hey there! I am an English doctoral student in rhetoric and composition. My primary research interest is writing center practices and theories, and I hope to someday direct a university writing center. I've been working as a writing tutor since my days as an undergraduate, and for the past several years, I've been teaching first-year composition. I still consider working with student writers one-on-one and talking with them about their interests and writing tasks the best part of my job.  I can work with any writer, on any topic, and with any type of writing assignment. Whatever project you are working on, I can probably help you. My strengths include research, invention and planning. I believe that if you can visualize the purpose of a writing task paragraph by paragraph, like a puzzle, the task becomes much easier to execute, especially larger essays and writing projects. I'm also pretty good at integrating sources, using MLA, APA and Chicago, and proofreading. When I'm not writing, reading, teaching or tutoring, I like to hang out at my pool, watch reality television, and read/watch TMZ. Ask me anything about the Kardashians, and I'll respond for at least 20 minutes. By the end of our conversation, I'll have proved to you that they are not irrelevant.

Jessica M

Hi! I'm Jess, and I am majoring in Criminal Justice and minoring in Spanish. My strengths are research papers and argumentative papers, however I'll be happy to help with any writing you may have. I am particularly interested in tutoring ELL students. In my spare time, I love learning about international politics as well as various languages, and hiking and exploring the Reno/Tahoe area. I look forward to helping fellow students with their writing this semester.


Hi, my name is Jerson Valdez. I am a sophomore, majoring in Psychology and minoring in Women's Studies. My goal is to go on to graduate school to become a psychotherapist. My strengths in writing include arguments and creative writing. I enjoy organizing papers, creating introductions to essays, brainstorming, and refining papers. I am most familiar with the subjects of English and Psychology, but I am happy to help in any other subject. Aside from English, I speak, read, and write Spanish. During my spare time I enjoy reading, Netflix, current events, video games, listening to music, and going on adventures! I look forward to helping you with your writing.


Hello there! My name is Joey Aisa. I am currently a Senior at the University of Nevada, Reno majoring in Neuroscience and Sociology with a minor in Chemistry. My ambitions consist of pursuing an MD/Ph.D, becoming a published author/poet, and serving as a humanitarian. I'll be part of the Doctors Without Borders movement someday. I am absolutely thrilled to serve this University as a writing consultant and to help in igniting resilient skills. I enjoy assisting students throughout any stage of writing. Whether it is scientific, creative, psychological or philosophical writing-- I can help you. Outside of academia, I'm an avid pianist and traveler. Whenever I have spare time I also enjoy learning new languages and jumping into lakes. There's a quick little summary about me. I truly look forward to meeting you!

Jon V

Welcome to the University of Nevada Writing Center! My name is Jon Vivet.  I am a Wildlife Ecology and Conservation major going into my third year working here at the UWC. Writing is often like navigating the wilderness, where planning, problem solving, and creative routes are necessary for success. I consider my strengths as a writer and Consultant to be in brainstorming, pre-writing, outlining, thesis development, and organization. I also have experience with grant writing, scientific writing, and AP style. I look forward to seeing you here this semester and am excited to help you with whatever piece, project, or issue you have!

Jon W

Hey there, my name is Jon Watkins. I'm currently a junior here at the University of Nevada, Reno with a major in English Writing and a minor in U.S. History. I'm hoping to get my Ph.D. and become an English professor someday, and I'm truly grateful for this chance to pay the tremendous support I've received with these endeavors forward. I'd be happy to assist you with essay brainstorming, thesis development, outlining, structure, and creating good, solid arguments. Off campus I enjoy working with audio hardware, repairing and building computers, mellowing out to piano jazz, skating, reading, and doing stand-up. I look forward to meeting you!

Jonathan Ly

Hi, my name is Jonathan Ly. I am an English Literature major, minoring in Computer Science. I love just about anything that has to do with helping people become better writers. I am passionate about strengthening communication to readers and can help direct and organize your paper to clearly convey your message in a number of fields. I also run a literary review/ writing improvement website.  As an aspiring editor, I'd love to take a look at your work. If you see me flying through campus on my drift skates (Google it), don't be afraid to say "Hello!"


Hello! I'm Lindsy, and I am a sophomore currently pursuing a bachelor's in Social Work. Along with writing, I love to help others and am willing to address any writing concerns you may have. Much of my writing experience is in subjects concerning English, Psychology, Core Humanities, and History, though I am happy to assist you with other topics as well. My favorite part of the writing process is outlining, so if you need help getting that paper started, I'm the consultant for you! In my free time, I enjoy watching horror movies, reading "The Lord of the Rings", and playing bass guitar. I look forward to meeting you!


Hey friends and neighbors, my name is Logan and I'm a graduate special student starting my third year here at the Writing Center. I received my Bachelor of Arts at UNR and I'm currently researching Master of Fine Arts programs around the country to take that next, terrifying step in my education. While my own writing endeavors are mainly in fiction and creative nonfiction, I am-as always-excited to help my fellow colleagues get the most out of their work. I have experience working with many diverse types of writing, and I can offer advice throughout the writing process, from close-reading and research strategies to argument and structure to the sentence-level nuances of cohesion, syntax, and grammar. Bring your creative work, your persuasive work, your work in both science and the humanities; I'm sure we'll have a good time. And, yes, we can still talk about AP Style.


I study philosophy. And before you give me the sarcastic roll of the eyes (whose language equivalent is: philosophy, really?) that is inevitably followed by a compassionate smirk of sympathy that needs no language equivalent but whose translation quite clearly reads you're wasting your life, the question I always get (and for which I have an unapologetic but embarrassingly forthright answer) is: what are you going to do with that? Well... that's not really for me to say or for you to know, or be a bum-whichever is easier.

But what I think you're more interested in-other than my tangent about studying philosophy-is how I can help with your writing. No, it is not by writing your papers for you, but I am not above being bribed for the right price to help you get that A. Whatever your writing needs may be-global organization of the essay, strong thesis, punctuation, or MLA or APA formatting-I am here to help!


Hello, my name is MacKenzi. I am an undergraduate majoring in English Linguistics and Anthropology with a minor in Spanish. Though much of my experience deals with these subjects, I also have a great deal of experience with literary criticism, creative writing, and of course, the not-as-scary-as-it-sounds Core Humanities essay. Beyond that, I have some experience writing and formatting scientific lab reports and research papers, which I would be more than happy to help you with. Outside of school I enjoy reading just about anything, watching way too many TV shows and movies, and experiencing the beautiful outdoors with friends.


Hi, I'm Maddie Bosque!  I'm a Pre-Nursing student from Petaluma, CA starting my Junior year here at University of Nevada.  In addition to my major, I am working on a minor in Human Development and Family Studies. After graduation, I hope to become a pediatric nurse!  My strengths in writing mainly focus on the sciences: Biology, Community Health Science, and Human Development. In my spare time, I enjoy the beach, reading, running (I completed my first 10K this summer!), baking and playing with my Lion-head rabbit, Mr. Jack.


Hello! I'm Maliat and I'm a senior majoring in both Political Science and Philosophy. Let me begin by informing you that the clear and concise structures necessary for Political Science will forever be at odds with my Philosophical run-on sentences - so, if you ever need help fluffing up your essay, I'm your girl! Ah, lame jokes aside, my strengths in writing lie with structure, syntax, elucidating propositional assertions (i.e. opinionated, yet logical fluff), persuasive argumentation, and critical reading/writing skills (i.e. proof-reading). I love writing, and though it may be technical and quite a hurdle at times, I hope that those of you who seek help here will eventually come to love writing as well. In my spare time, I like to keep up with world affairs, listen to and discover music, peer review friend's essays, and I run the International Human Rights Club (soon to be Amnesty International) on campus!


My name is Matt, and I'm never going to stop loving writing. I'm an MFA candidate in Creative Writing with a concentration in Poetry, but as an undergrad back east at Elon University, I was an English major with concentrations in Literature and Creative Writing, and I also minored in Spanish. I enjoy puzzling about essays: how to organize them, how to make them creative even if the subject matter might be mundane and how to make the process as fun as possible. I also have a thing for grammar, possibly how a mathematician likes numbers - I get excited by commas and clauses and everything under the grammar sky. If you don't mind crazy, I'm your guy; however, don't think we won't get any work done. In my off time, I like to read surreal novels, read kooky poetry, play video games, have Netflix binges, and drink coffee. I look forward to assisting you as best I can and good luck!


Hi my name is Melissa and I am currently a sophomore majoring as a pre-vet student. Although I am currently studying science I am very passionate about the humanities and consider critical reading, brainstorming, thesis development and a strong voice to be essential components in becoming a strong writer. I am confident that I can help you with any concerns you may have about your writing, be it a biology research paper or a core humanities essay. I look forward to meeting everyone and having a great year!


My name is Moryah Hennessy, and I am an Elementary Education major with an emphasis is Language Acquisition. I hope to one day work with adolescent children from the sixth to the seventh grade who are new to English. One of my favorite things about writing is the many ways that ideas can be conveyed in spectacular ways! Writing has been a hobby of mine since I was in elementary school, and I hope to one day encourage and excite others about writing. Outside my aspirations, I love to play an online Pokemon game, read books like "Fight Club" and "American Psycho", and enjoy time with friends and family. I look forward to a great year, and can't wait to meet you all!


Hello, friends! My name is Pamela, and I am a sophomore with a double major in Psychology and English Language & Linguistics. I am an outdoor-adventurer, a tea-drinker, movie-lover, and a people-admirer. I enjoy literally every type of writing, specifically involving Core Humanities, research, creative writing, argumentative and comparative works. I am excited to help you organize your writing, create a structure for your arguments, or even simply providing a friendly eye to see how a reader will respond to your work. I can also speak and understand Tagalog. When I'm not writing, I thoroughly enjoy hiking, playing music, acroyoga, reading plenty of books, and spending my money on frivolous things. I'm excited to convince you to love writing as much as I do, so let me help you write something great!


Hello, I am an English Masters student, with an emphasis in writing pedagogy and professional writing.  While working in the Writing Center as a Writing Fellow, I am also teaching multiple sections of English 101 and English 102. When it comes to writing, I love to work on "Big Picture" writing issues (e.g. organization, writing processes, idea development and integration of research, audience awareness). I am extremely proficient with PowerPoint and love to help with presentations and professionalism of documents as well. Stop on by, I look forward to working with you!


Howdy! My name is Sean Maguire, and I'm a Texas girl who moved west to Nevada last summer. I have a BS in Interdisciplinary Studies with minors in Elementary and Special Education. Currently, I am pursuing a Master of Arts in Educational Leadership and will graduate in the fall of 2016. Due to my background, my strengths are in composing lesson plans, reflections, and presentations. I have an eye for detail and organization. However, I truly believe in being a life-long learner and am open to working on just about anything! When I'm not at the Writing Center, I am working as a Yelp Reno Marketing Intern or as a Graduate Research Assistant with the Department of Educational Leadership. I spend the rest of my time cooking, writing reviews for various websites, reading, working out, and practicing yoga.


Hi! My name is Sierra Becze, and I am a Political Science major with a minor in Philosophy of Ethics, Law, and Politics. My strengths include working with any writing pertaining to English, Core Humanities, and Political Science; however, I will be happy to help you with any writing you have! In my free time, I love watching How I Met Your Mother, reading up on world events, and googling pictures of corgi puppies.


What's up, tired students? My name is Stewart Matzek, and I'm a graduate special student who recently graduated with a degree in English Writing and a minor in Teaching English as a Second Language. I know writing papers can be a daunting task, but I'm here to (hopefully) help! I can assist you with any type of writing, with particular specialties in argumentative/research-based essays, grammatical or mechanical issues, and structure. I also have experience editing dissertations and higher-level theses, and I can help with any creative writing given that I myself write fiction. In my spare time I enjoy playing video games, drawing my comic, doodling on any available surfaces, and bothering my coworkers loudly. 


Hello! My name is Zoey Rosen, and I am a junior majoring in Atmospheric Science with a double minor in Mathematics and Communication. I come from Los Angeles, CA and have a background in reading, writing, and examining dramatic works. I can help with scientific writing as well as writing about literature. I am excited to help you with your writing, from lab reports to Communication analyses, to Core Humanities papers and everything in between. I have strengths in grammar and sentence structure, and can help you with your organization and brainstorming. I am always around campus, so if you see me, say hi!

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