Faculty Support

The University Writing Center’s primary mission is to support students. To achieve this mission, we know that relationships with faculty are essential. So, the Writing Center offers a few ways for faculty to engage students with writing support.

UWC Consultants

The Writing Center offers customized in-class workshops to match the requests of individual instructors as well as to address specific student learning outcomes or assignment goals. Following is a list of workshops that we have delivered; however, we are happy to customize a workshop to your request:

  • APA Style and Citations
  • MLA 8th Edition
  • Paraphrasing
  • Integrating Sources
  • Organizational Options
  • Critical Reading Strategies
  • Revising Strategies
  • Editing Tips
  • Avoiding Plagiarism

Schedule a Workshop

The Writing Center offers feedback for instructors who would like a student perspective on assignments. Two writing consultants will anonymously provide feedback within one week of submission, addressing both how students may read and interpret the assignment as well as what types of writing support we might expect students to request from the Writing Center for the assignment.

Request Assignment Feedback

Faculty Resources to Help Support Students

Potential Writing Center Planning & Reflective Assignments
Ways to Effectively Use Writing Center Consultations