Deena Elshabrawy, M.D.

Instructor, Middle East studies
Dina Elshabrawy


Deena Elshabrawy has been a professor of hematopathology in medical school in Banha, Egypt; in addition, she was the University president consultant for student social affairs.

She earned her doctoral degree in hematopathology from medical school in Egypt with a joint supervision with the University of Nevada, Reno.

She grew up in Egypt where she studied the history of Egypt and ancient civilizations, which made her eager to continue reading about the history of the entire Middle East with all of its complexity and diversity. Her passion about the history and culture of the Middle East started when she was an undergraduate student in medical school, when she wrote in the university journal about Middle East culture, peoples and religions.

Also, she provided English to Arabic interpretation and translation for refugees from the Middle East with the Northern Nevada International Center.

She plays tennis every weekend, she loves to cook authentic Egyptian food, she loves to travel and play piano.

Courses taught

  • ARA 221: Middle East Peoples & Cultures


  • M.D., clinical and chemical pathology, hematology, Benha School of Medicine, Egypt, 2004
  • M.S., clinical and chemical pathology, Benha School of Medicine, Egypt
  • B.S., medicine and surgery, Benha School of Medicine, Egypt