Please review some of our Frequently Asked Questions.

Do I have to apply to be a WISE student?

Yes. Complete a WISE application and an online Housing application to be considered for WISE.

Does my preferred roommate also have to be in WISE?

Yes. Everyone living in a WISE residential community must be accepted into the program.

Are Honors Program participants eligible for WISE?

Absolutely. Most WISE members are eligible for placement in the Honors Program.

How do I find out whether I meet the English and Math requirements necessary to participate in WISE?

UNR uses your best standardized test (i.e., SAT or ACT) scores to determine your initial placement in English and Math courses.

English 101 English 102 Math 127 Math 181
ACT English 21-29ACT English 30 or aboveACT Math 27 or aboveACT Math 28 or above
SAT Verbal 510-670SAT Verbal 680 or aboveSAT Math 610 or aboveSAT Math 630 or above

What if I have not taken any standardized tests or my test scores do not place me into the courses listed above?

There are placement test options available for both English and Math courses. For English placement information, visit the Core Writing Program.

There are 2 sites that offer math placements exams:

  1. The University of Nevada, Reno Math Center located in the William Raggio Building (WRB) 1003.
  2. The Southern Office for Prospective Students located at 8050 S. Maryland Pkwy (Suite 110), Las Vegas, just off I-215 and Windmill Lane. Call (702) 940-5416 to schedule an appointment.