Research & Projects

Headquartered in northern Nevada on the Campus of the University of Nevada, Reno, the focus and impact of our expertise extends across the globe.

The impact of our research is being realized all over the world.

Current projects

Snowpack's effect on our ecosystems

  • Snow packs are the major water source for people & ecosystems
  • Snow is sensitive to changes in climate & measuring snow is difficult
  • Characterizing how snow packs are changing can help identify at-risk areas

Impact of snowfall in forests

  • Forests impact the water budget and are impacted by water availability.
  • Water budgets of snow-dominated forest is difficult to predict.
  • Remote sensing research and thinning can positively impact water budget.

Environmental restoration of ecosystems

  • Greenhouse gas fluxes from soil & carbon sequestration in soil pre & post restoration.
  • Restoration reduces carbon dioxide, methane & nitrous oxide emissions.
  • Research educates land managers of the affect on carbon budgets & credits in Cal.

Stopping the loss of fresh water fish

  • Globally we are losing freshwater fish species due to climate change and human impact.
  • The loss of biodiversity will impact world-wide economies and community food sources.
  • Outreach & education can affect positive change in protection and conservation efforts.

Water cycle change 

  • The water cycle is the planet's most important biochemical cycle.
  • Measurement of water as it travels the terrestrial world.
  • Detecting changes can help manage climate change.

Ecosystem modeling Lake Shasta

  • Shasta Lake is a key component in CA water management
  • Various uses are affecting natural fish migration
  • Using computer modeling to explore improvement scenarios

Arid land conversion

  • 40% of the earth is comprised of arid land
  • Major land use changes affect soil composition and quality
  • Understand the impact of soils conversion for future management

Mine lands remediation

  • Ground & surface water impact due to mining
  • Acid Mine Drainage: water exposure to arsenic and lead 
  • Partnership with BLM to explore corrective solutions

Global warming long term impact: Alaska

  • Research predicts the future cimate of Alaska
  • Data models developed to predict impacts of global warming
  • Informs people of Alaska on future potential climate scenarios

Soil's impact on greenhouse gas emissions

  • Natural biogeochemical processes in soil affect the carbon cycle
  • How to predict the natural impact on carbon emissions
  • Model and predict the carbon cycles in natural ecosystems