Acquisition of Institutional and Research Equipment Grants

View example proposals from a few of our 2014 AIRE grant winners below.

Thermofisher TSQ Vantage Triple-Quadrupole Mass Spectrometer With Nano-LC System

Ian Wallace   |   $150,000

Ian Wallace

Substantially and synergistically enhancing our capabilities on campus to perform quantitative proteomics/metabolomics experiments.

View Wallace's AIRE Proposal

Computers, Printers and a Camera for a Professional Digital Photography Laboratory

Peter Goin   |   $20,000

Peter Goin

Providing an education that is technologically current for degrees in photography and the demands of the growing employment market.

View Goin's AIRE Proposal

Digital Imaging Station and MicroScribe

Beth Leger   |   $15,982

Beth Leger

Creating high-quality two- and three-dimensional images, allowing for precise quantification of physical structures for research and teaching.

View Leger's AIRE Proposal

Biorad Trans-Blot SD Semi-Dry Blotters and Eppendorf Eporator

Thomas Kidd   |   $6,154

Thomas Kidd

Allowing students from multiple colleges to gain hands-on experience in important modern molecular biology techniques.

View Kidd's AIRE Proposal

Nevada Unmanned Autonomous Systems (UAS) and Advanced Manufacturing (AM) Research Infrastructure

George Bebis   |   $140,000

George Bebis

Introducing advanced capabilities to enable global competitiveness in our research and education, while supporting statewide economic growth.

View Bebis' AIRE Proposal

iPads/Carts, Video Recording Equipment and PolyCom

Julie Pennington   |   $51,333

Center for Learning and Literacy

Incorporating technology into literacy instruction to engage struggling readers and allow for multimodal activities and recording of student assessments.

View Pennington's AIRE Proposal