The Vet2Vet program assists in student veterans' successful transition to the University of Nevada, Reno. Vet2Vet Ambassadors support new students in integrating information on extra and co-curricular involvement, health and wellness, enhancing professional skills and engaging with the greater community for success beyond the classroom.

The student and ambassador will be matched for a period of one semester. At that time, either party will be able to renew their match, be matched with a new person, or leave the program. Pairs will have opportunity to meet throughout the school year and are expected to communicate in some capacity each month to talk about how to navigate the college experience.

Our vision is to be the first line of defense to help identify the at-risk veteran/dependent/service member that is having challenges adjusting to campus life before academic performance is negatively impacted. We will be guide to the student to help develop a situation that breeds success.

Vet2Vet Ambassadors

Students gain tremendous knowledge of campus life and experience networking with ambassadors while receiving guidance. Ambassadors are trained in campus knowledge and program protocol to be most effective. Ambassadors have the benefit of working with bright and energetic students, the satisfaction of being a role model, and the opportunity to apply one's leadership and higher education experiences. 

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