Student Veterans of America

The heart of Student Veterans of America (SVA) is the student veteran-led chapter. These local organizations are the “boots on the ground” that provide peer-to-peer support, which has been linked to academic success and an easier transition to campus for student veterans. Through this national network of affiliates, SVA impacts the lives of thousands of student veterans. To support this growing network, SVA invests in high-impact programs that sustain chapters and empower student veterans to achieve their academic goals

Wolf Pack Vets

Our goal as a Wolf Pack Veteran is to complete our higher education goals, and reach a higher academic standard. As a member of the Wolf Pack Veterans you will meet other highly motivated students that have a background in military service. Together as members of the Wolf Pack Veterans we will make a stronger community on the Nevada campus. The membership is free but your participation is required. Connect with us on our Facebook page or email us.

Omega Delta Sigma (ODS)

Omega Delta Sigma (ODS), Nevada Alpha chapter, is the only nationally recognized co-ed veteran and military fraternity at the University of Nevada. We accept membership from students who are veterans, Guard/ Reserve, or Active duty that are attending the University of Nevada, Reno and/or TMCC. ODS exists to provide veterans and military members attending school with the opportunity to network with other military members, help with the transition process, student leadership positions, community volunteering, as well as providing the opportunity to socialize with other veteran and military students. ODS is also part of the Multicultural Greek Council at the University of Nevada, Reno, which gives us the chance to be a part of many Greek and University events. ODS is always accepting new membership. Connect with us on Facebook or email.