Additional Services

Additional Services Provided

The Veteran Services Office also provides a wide range of support and referral services for all undergraduate and graduate students who are: veterans currently serving either active duty, Reserve or National Guard; vocational rehabilitation, and qualified dependents. Appropriate services are determined and provided based upon the student's specific need and the academic requirements of the appropriate department, college, school or program.

The Veteran Services Office provides support and referral services tailored to the individual need(s) of each student. These services can include the following:

  • Assist and advise the student in the application process for both admission to the University and obtaining their VA Education benefits.
  • Coordinating with the student's academic advisor to ensure they are on the correct track for their career choices.
  • Assist students with career choices, counseling and advising.
  • Monitoring the student's academic progress.
  • Ensuring that students receive support to be successful in their academic endeavors.
  • Refer students to local VA resources who need assistance that the University is not able to provide (Medical, dental, psychological, Home Loans, and other Veteran related benefits).
  • Advising students in maximizing the use their benefits in an effective and timely manner.
  • Providing Scholarship information and resources.