Re-admissions policy for student military mobilization

When students whose higher education academic careers are interrupted by mobilization or activation to duty, the institution will make every possible effort to place the returning student back into the academic track as close as possible to the point prior to activation. Following the recommendation of NSHE Policy Chapter 16, Section 6 (Student Military Mobilization/Activation) as well as Chapter 3 of Volume 2 of the Federal Student Aid Handbook, University of Nevada, Reno outlines its readmission policy for Service members to benefit individuals returning from service.

Notification of military service

The student (or an appropriate officer of the armed forces or official of the Department of Defense) must give oral or written notice of such service to the school. Military service in this instance is defined as voluntary or involuntary, in the armed forces, including service by a member of the National Guard or Service on active duty, active duty training, or full-time National Guard duty under federal authority, for a period of more than 30 consecutive days.

Notification of intent to return to school

The student must also give oral or written notice of intent to return to the school within three years after the completion of the period of service as defined above or after two years of due to an illness/injury stemming from the period of service. A student who fails to apply for readmission within the periods may be subject to the schools established leave of absence policy and general practices.

The office designated to receive notification of military service and intent to return is Heather Turk:

Heather Turk Fiecoat Registrar Office of Admissions and Records Fitzgerald Student Service Building (775) 682-8081

Upon receiving notification of intent to return, the institution will promptly readmit the student, without assessing a readmission application fee, to:

  • The same program to which the student was last admitted or a most-similar program if the original program is no longer offered.
  • The same enrollment status.
  • With the same number of credit hours previously completed, unless readmitted to a different program in which the prior credit is not transferable.
  • With the same academic standing as the time of notification of departure for military service.
  • Within the next prescribed class regardless of any enrollment restriction imposed upon for the particular class; and If the student is readmitted to the same program, for the first academic year of return to the institution, the institution will assess the tuition/fees that the student would have been assessed for the academic year during which was absent - unless veteran education benefit/service member benefits will pay the higher tuition/fees that other students in the program are being assessed, the school may asses those charges to the readmitted student.
  • Our policy allows for as minimal interruption of academic progress as possible: Time spent on mobilized active duty should not be counted in determining the institution catalogs under which the student may meet curricular degree requirements.
  • Time spent by graduate students on mobilization or active duty will be suspended from the "time-to-completion" requirements of the respective graduation programs.
  • If certain courses required in a student's curriculum are no longer taught at the time of re-admission, the institution shall make reasonable accommodations with substitute courses, independent study, or other appropriate options.
  • In instances of substantial curriculum change during the period of mobilization or activation, the student's academic dean or department chair may work with the student and prescribe special curriculum, not necessarily following any given catalog, which will assure proper preparation of the student for his/her respective profession.
  • If a student's curriculum no longer exists at the time of readmission, the institution shall reasonably assist the student in changing to a new curriculum or transferring to an institution where the desired curriculum is available