Outside Nevada Accuplacer Info

Accuplacer Testing - Outside Nevada
If you do not have the opportunity to take Accuplacer in Reno, Las Vegas or at any of the other colleges in Nevada, you can take it at a local college or university outside Nevada.

Unfortunately, CollegeBoard does not provide a list of institutions or testing sites that give Accuplacer. Additionally, the Testing Center does not have this information. Students and parents should call surrounding colleges and universities to ask if they offer Accuplacer testing.


  • The scores must be faxed directly from the testing center at the local institution and not from the student, parent, high school teacher, etc.
  • The fax should be sent to the Provost's Office: (775-784-6220) and MUST be accompanied by this completed cover sheet.
  • UNR will only accept the official "Score Report" print out from Accuplacer. Here is an example.
  • The score report vary slightly from institution to institution, as each college or university can determine what is printed on the score report. In order to be valid for UNR placement the score report must contain the following:
      • The student's first and last name, and date of birth.
      • The raw scores from the Accuplacer tests.
      • The date the student took the test.

*Please note that students will have to abide by any and all policies/fees set by the other institutions.

Important Additional Information:

Unlike the ACT and SAT, Accuplacer is NOT "standard" from school to school.

There are a number of variables and settings that each institution can change and individualize to suit the needs of their curriculum. While this is an advantage for the school it can cause issues when students try to take Accuplacer at another site.

Accuplacer gives three different math tests. These tests are successive and your score on the previous exam determines whether or not you are allowed to take the next exam.

UNR uses two of these exams: the Elementary Algebra (EA) and the College Level Math (CLM). How well students do on the EA determines whether or not they get to take CLM.

UNR's cutoff score for the EA is 80. For example, if you score a 78 you will not be prompted to take the CLM. If you score 89, you will be prompted to continue on to the CLM.

Issues arise when students take Accuplacer at an institution where the cutoff score for the EA is different.

For example:

Let's say that Jane is trying to place into Math 127. She needs to score at least an 80 on the EA and at least an 84 on the CLM.

She goes to College A to take Accuplacer where the cutoff score for the EA is 75. She takes the test and scores 77 on the EA and 85 on the CLM. Unfortunately, when the scores are submitted to UNR, she will not be allowed to enroll in Math 127 because she didn't score high enough on the EA.

Another scenario is this: Jane takes Accuplacer at College B where the cutoff score for the EA is 100. She takes the test and scores a 95 on the EA. Since she didn't make that 100 mark, Jane isn't allowed to proceed on to the CLM as she would have been allowed at UNR.

What can you do?

We highly encourage all students to take Accuplacer at UNR or at our Southern Nevada Office in Las Vegas. This will guarantee all the correct policies and cutoff scores are in place. Accuplacer can be taken at UNR up until the end of the first week of classes.

Parents and students are often anxious about placing into a math class early in order to register as soon as possible. Most are concerned that classes will fill up and there won't be an open spot in the class that is needed. The Department of Mathematics and Statistics makes every effort to ensure that all students are able to get into the classes they need, and we are generally successful.