Happenings & Hangouts

Student near the fireplace

Lounge Areas

The building offers lounge space on every floor:

  • On the first floor, you can hang out at the tables by the Welcome Center or relax on the couches behind the staircase
  • On the second floor, students can study, eat or relax at the tables and booths in 15th Street Food Court.
  • The third floor provides lots of comfy couches and study space including the Graduate Student Lounge
  • The fourth floor offers great views of the Sierra Nevada as well as two fireplaces.


The Joe is the living room of the university and is full of comfy couches, fireplaces, and places to grab a savory drink.


The Joe contains five fully functional fireplaces:

  • On the first floor in Starbucks
  • On the second floor in the Wolf Shop
  • On the third floor near the Graduate Student Lounge
  • On the fourth floor near the staircase
  • On the fourth floor inside the Great Room