About the Student Union

Make yourself at home.

The Joe Crowley Student Union is an inviting, newer building to the University of Nevada, Reno. It is more than twice the size of the old student union and built with environmental sustainability in mind. It houses event spaces that can cater to any event that you are planning.
This building is more than just a place for events, it is a place where student can come together and study or grab a seat on a comfortable couch and hang out. It is a place where clubs across campus can meet and create new ideas. The Joe Crowley Student Union is the heart of campus and is welcoming to all students.

Coffee and Conversation

What's better than a warm cup of gourmet coffee on a crisp autumn afternoon? It's enjoying that cup with a friend while taking in spectacular views of the Sierra Nevada from a comfortable chair on the fourth floor.

Or maybe it's enjoying that beverage while listening to a student panel discuss the complexity of the First Amendment. If that's not quite your style, maybe while reading an intriguing book and relaxing on a couch near a cozy fireplace.

As the living room of the University, the Joe Crowley Student Union hosts a large Starbucks location as well as lounge space on all of its four floors. Visitors are free to relax near one of the building's five fireplaces or attend some of the many lectures, student discussions or other events happening daily.

Shopping and Eating

Imagine shopping in a store that carries everything a college student could possibly need: books, clothing, school supplies, computers and equipment, and Mother's Day cards.

This place you envision is now a reality with the Wolf Shop in the Joe Crowley Student Union. The two-story emporium is owned by the Student Engagement Center, the undergraduate student government. All revenue from the store goes back to students, financing projects like artificial-turf intramural fields, safety escort vans, and student organization funding.

Hungry? Your stomach won't have to wait long. With Del Lobo, Panda Express, Port of Subs, Keva Juice, U-Swirl, Great Full Gardens, and The Blind Onion you can satisfy your hunger as well as your taste buds. That's in addition to what Starbucks offers.

Entertainment and Events

With a 220-seat theatre, a more than 10,000-square-foot ballroom, a cozy Great Room and numerous other indoor and outdoor performance spaces, the union is the place to be on campus.

Such an attractive event space greatly enhances the student union and the Joe's already impressive programming reputation, which includes concerts, comedians, movie series, lectures, panel discussions and community celebrations.

Community, nonprofit and philanthropy organizations can also take advantage of meeting space on the new building's third floor. Make reservations by calling (775) 784-6505.

Sustainable Features

The University of Nevada, Reno boasts many strengths in environmental expertise, including science, engineering, and literature. The Joe Crowley Student Union is the latest addition to the University's environmental resume.

The University and architects, working with Students and Educators for Environmental Development and Sustainability (SEEDS), designed the union to maximize daylight usage, use recycled materials when possible, minimize energy and water usage and minimize construction waste.