Floriana Petrone: High performance computing in civil and environmental engineering

Floriana Petrone


High Performance Computing in Civil and Environmental Engineering


Floriana Petrone


Civil & Environmental Engineering

Bio sketch

Floriana Petrone joined the University of Nevada, Reno as an assistant professor in 2019. Prior to that, she was research scientist at the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (Berkeley, CA). Her work focused on the development of advanced numerical tools for the seismic nonlinear analysis of the U.S. Department of Energy nuclear facilities and systems. Current research activities include the study of site-specific variation of earthquake structural risk at the regional scale and the investigation of new techniques for structural damage detection through experimental work and advanced numerical analyses.

Project overview

Areas of research include advanced simulation methods and machine learning for performance assessment of structures subjected to extreme events; characterization of earthquake hazard and risk to the built environment with specific focus on reinforced concrete buildings and distrusted systems; and uncertainty quantification in performance-based seismic design.