Tin Nguyen: Multi-omics data integration and cancer subtyping

Tin Nguyen


Multi-omics data integration and cancer subtyping


Tin Nguyen


Computer Science and Engineering


I am an assistant professor in the Department of Computer Science & Engineering at the University of Nevada, Reno. I received my Ph.D. in the computer science department at Wayne State University. My research interests include statistics, data mining and machine learning techniques applied to bioinformatics and computational biology. Visit my Bioinformatics Lab for more information.

Project overview

Cancer is an umbrella term that includes a range of disorders, from those that are fast-growing and lethal to indolent lesions with low or delayed potential for progression to death. One critical unmet challenge is that molecular disease subtypes characterized by relevant clinical differences, such as survival, are difficult to differentiate, so practitioners often lack sufficient information to determine the best course of treatment.

The goal of the project is to develop predictive models able to predict the survival of cancer patients using high-dimensional multi-omics data. Undergraduate students will wok with graduate students to:

  1. process data,
  2. develop the unsupervised/supervised model to determine cancer subtypes,
  3. validate the subtypes using survival information and known clinical variables, and
  4. develop classifier to stratify new patients.