Ezequiel Korin: Website influence on the Latinx community

Ezequiel Korin


Website Influence on the Latinx Community


Ezequiel Korin, Ph.D.


Reynolds School of Journalism

Bio sketch

Ezequiel Korin is an assistant professor of Spanish Language Media at the University of Nevada, Reno. His research explores the relation of digital technologies and societies from the theoretical approach of critical and cultural studies, considering the different social, cultural, and political implications of computer mediation and how they are constituted by and at the same time contingent on the developments of modern society. He has vast professional experience in the areas of audiovisual production, journalism, strategic communication, and marketing research.

Project overview

For this project, we will focus on understanding how various websites oriented toward young Latinx audiences articulate the representation of these publics. We will also analyze the use of language (Spanish/English) and bilingualism as cultural identifiers, as well as the use of idioms to denote diversity within the pan ethnic category of Latinx. Several recent research initiatives have identified that younger members of Latinx communities prefer the consumption of English-language media; yet, the Spanish language still plays a prevalent role in generating a shared identity on the base of a common historical past, even if temporarily removed for these younger audiences. Ultimately, the goal of this research project is twofold: to understand the ways in which these newer online-native media outlets actively construct their Latinx audiences and what role, if any, does language play as a cultural identifier. Students will be involved in conducting literature review, preparation of interview guides, as well as conducting interviews and contributing to the analysis of the findings.