EunKang Koh: Printmaking techniques for soft sculpture creation

EunKang Koh


Printmaking techniques for soft sculpture creation


EunKang Koh


School of the Arts

Bio sketch

I am a professor in the art department and an artist. As a practicing artist I work on various projects and prepare for exhibitions and installations. The goal of this project is to provide students with opportunities to learn about being a working artist and to gain experience in studio practice. The hope is that this experience will help to prepare them for their own career when they graduate.

Project overview

I am excited for this opportunity to share my experience with the students related to various aspects of studio practice as well as preparing for exhibitions and publications. During this project incoming students will experience the process of producing art from beginning to end while working work with me on my current projects.

Students will learn printmaking techniques such as screen printing, intaglio and relief and we will combine them with book binding, laser cutting and sewing to create soft sculpture. Students will also learn about the process of documenting art, writing about their own art and project proposals, applying for opportunities, packing and shipping, and finally publishing and/or exhibiting the work as the final stage of the project. Students also will be able to learn how to maintain the equipment and printshop.