Andrew Hess: Unlocking the secrets of sheep wool - Genomics of wool traits

Andrew Hess


Unlocking the secrets of sheep wool - Genomics of wool traits


Andrew Hess


Agriculture, Veterinary, and Range Science


Andrew Hess, Ph.D., has experience in developing bioinformatics pipeline for big data analysis, including processing and analyzing sequence data for genomic selection and to identify genetic markers that can be useful to their respective industries. Adopting new technologies is something that he is passionate about, and he has been involved in project focused on developing methods to utilize real-time long-read sequencing technologies for high-throughput use in the livestock industry and adapting digital agriculture tools (e.g., accelerometers and GPS collars) for large-scale use to develop traits for genetic improvement. Hess has performed ground-breaking research in a variety of species including sheep, goats, pigs, deer, cattle and greenshell mussels. He places heavy emphasis on research that can be delivered directly to industry.

Project overview

Are you interested in the fascinating world of genetics and animal husbandry? Do you want to learn more about how sheep produce their luxurious wool and what genes are responsible for the variations in wool traits? Join the Hess lab for an undergraduate project focused on understanding the genetic basis of wool traits in sheep. This work will give you an opportunity to conduct cutting-edge research in a research flock not only of great importance to the university but also to sheep production in Nevada and the wider western United States. By studying the genes that control the various characteristics of sheep's wool such as fineness, length, and yield, researchers can develop strategies for breeding sheep with the desired wool characteristics, leading to better wool production and quality. This is an excellent opportunity for an undergraduate student to gain hands-on experience in genetics and animal science. By participating in genome-wide association studies of wool traits in sheep, you will not only develop critical thinking and analytical skills but also contribute to the practical application of research in animal genomics. Join the Hess lab today and help unlock the secrets of wool!