Shunqi Zhang: Piezoelectric Smart Structures

Shunqi Zhang


Design, modeling and simulation of piezoelectric integrated smart structures


Shanghai, China: Shanghai University


Shunqi Zhang


Department of Precision Mechanical Engineering


Dr. Shunqi Zhang is associate professor at the School of Mechatronic Engineering and Automation, Shanghai University, China. He obtained the doctoral degree from RWTH Aachen University, Germany; obtained master’s and bachelor’s degrees from Northwestern Polytechnical University. His research focuses on modeling of multi-physics coupled structures, design of high-performance smart structures, active vibration control, computation of composite structures, system dynamic testing, and advanced mechatronic equipment.

Project Overview

Thin-walled structures with integrated smart materials e.g. piezoelectric, magnetostrictive, so-called smart structures, are increasingly applied in the fields of civil, automotive and aerospace engineering for vibration control, shape control, energy harvesting and health monitoring. This project focuses on the design, modeling and simulation of piezoelectric smart structures. First, a smart structure integrated with piezoelectric materials will be designed. Afterwards, the designed structure will be modeled and simulated in commercial the finite element software ABAQUS.