Zhizheng Wu: Manufacturing execution system


Manufacturing execution system (MES) development for automotive industries


Zhizheng Wu


Shanghai, China: Shanghai University


Mechanical Engineering


Zhizheng Wu is a professor in the Department of Precision Mechanical Engineering at Shanghai University. He received the Ph.D. degree in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Toronto and the Ph.D. degree in Electronic Information Engineering from Shanghai Jiaotong University. From 2004 to 2010, he was a Research Associate with the Department of Mechanical and Industrial Engineering at the University of Toronto. His research interests include optomechatronic systems; robotics and intelligent manufacturing, etc.

Project overview

In the trend of intelligent manufacturing, enterprises need to adopt advanced information technology into process control systems (PCS) and enterprise resource planning systems (ERP). Current manufacturing system lacks a connecting layer between these two. The function of MES is to join ERP with PCS, thus, the collected data can be effectively analyzed and used in the ERP system. The students will be deeply involved in the projects and learn the knowledge such as software programming, system modeling and simulation, prototyping design, etc.