Philippe Roose: Widgets & Interactions

Philippe Roose


Ubiquitous widgets & interactions


Pau, France: Université de Pau et des Pays de L’Adour


Philippe Roose


IUT de Bayonne/Computer Science Department


Dr. Roose created and was leader of the project-team ALCOOL. He is leader of the research team T2I of the LIUPPA Lab and director of the computer science department. He is co-holder of 3 patents and is currently creating a startup. His research is on context aware applications and middleware, as well as distributed and multimodal interactions, social IS (particularly on spontaneous communities detection). Applications are particularly suitable for mobile applications, digital health/smart home, social mobile app, contextual and distributed interactions and HCI, smart-cities and tourism/environment application oriented, etc.

Project Overview

This project focuses on ambient, pervasive & ubiquitous computing, distributed and multimodal interactions. Using Kalimucho© for mobile computing, the objective is to propose a methodology to design (distributed) HCI able to manage various modalities (i.e. Switching from the ‘clic’ modality for a button to a gesture detection to activate it; including gesture detection of another device). A functional prototype should be implemented using Java/Android and our middleware (