Mei Liu: Electrical property measurements


Electrical property measurement of exfoliated cells in voided urine by microfluidic devices


Mei Liu


Shanghai, China: Shanghai University


Department of Precision Mechanical Engineering


Dr Mei Liu received her Ph.D.. in Mechanical & Material Engineering from Western University, Canada in 2010 and is currently an Associate Professor at Shanghai University. Her research areas include microfluidics, micro/nano manipulation, cell characterization.

Project overview

Effective micro/nano observation, assembly and fabrications are the key and prerequisite to find new characteristics of novel micro/nano materials, and to practice micro/nano processing and manufacturing. Scanning Electron Microscope (SEM)-based micro/nano manipulation mainly relies on the feedback of two-dimensional images, with limited resolution and lack of vertical position information, and is therefore inefficient. Efficient autonomous micro/nanomanipulation is proposed by combining 3D Reconstruction technique and nanomanipulator. The research will focus on following issues: 1. 3D Reconstruction from multiple sensors' information, such as SEM images and laser interferometers. 2. Precise localization of manipulators in dynamic environments. 3. Autonomous manipulation of nanoparticles based on the 3D reconstructed model. The research will provide theoretical basis and feasible approaches for nanomanipulations, and new techniques for micro/nano processing and manufacturing.