Eduardo Jacob: Networks and operating systems


Software defined network; intrusion detection in 4.0 networks; operating systems performance evaluation


Eduardo Jacob


Bilbao, Spain: Universidad del Pais Vasco


Communications Engineering


Dr. Jacob currently holds an Assistant Professor position in the Communications Engineering Department. He is the leader of the I2T Research Lab. He has led several European Commission, National and Local Research projects. His interests are related to the applications of SDN and NFV technologies to industrial use case, cybersecurity and Industrial IoT applications, in particular dealing to security issues.

Project overview

Software Defined Networking (SDN) and Network Function Virtualization (NFV) for industrial applications. SDN and NFV are technologies that are already leaving the labs and are actually finding their place at least in Telecommunications Operators and as a key technology for the new generation of fixed and mobile communications (5G). We are in the process of deploying these technologies in industrial as some of the benefits can be readily made available. Computer science students with Linux, networking and Java expertise are expected to apply.

  • Hardened Operating systems performance evaluation. As one of the Industry 4.0 paradigms involves opening the network to outside users, hardened operating systems will be put in use. An evaluation of the performance, usability and compatibility of several OS like SELinux enabled Linux, HardenedBSD or Qubes OS will be done. Computer science students with Linux and system administration expertise are expected to apply.
  • Intrusion Detection in Industry 4.0 networks In the Industry 4.0 paradigm, the network that once was totally separated from external users and Internet will become more and more exposed. The objective of the work is to deploy wired (with Suricata or Bro) and wireless sensors (mainly based on Raspberry) that will detect and report anomalies to a central hub that will take decisions to reconfigure the network. Computer science students with Linux, networking and python expertise are expected to apply.