Alfredo Di Filippo: Ecological History

Alfredo Di Filippo


Using tree-rings to reconstruct the ecological history of old-growth forests


Viterbo, Italy: Università degli Studi della Tuscia


Alfredo Di Filippo



Dr. Di Filippo is assistant professor at the Università della Tuscia (Viterbo, Italy), where currently he teaches botany and plant ecology. Since 2003 is member of the Dendrology Lab in Viterbo, where he conducts research related to tree biology and forests ecology, with specific focus on tree-ring science to understand tree growth/climate relationships, tree longevity and fruiting dynamics, forest productivity, forest bioclimatic classification and climate-change bioclimatic shifts, structural dynamics in old-growth forests and disturbance regimes. He is deputy coordinator of the IUFRO Working Group 1.01.07 “Ecology and silviculture of beech”.

Project Overview

The project will be focused on the study of old-growth forest dynamics as registered by tree-rings. Tree coring will be performed in selected beech (Fagus sylvatica) forests of the Apennines Mts., and will be part of a larger project aimed at describing the state and naturalness degree of ecosystems in the Mediterranean mountains. Tree cores will be collected and analyzed in the laboratory to precisely cross dated ring-widths. Tree-ring series will then be used to reconstruct tree growth history and the long-term impact of climate- change on the ecosystem.