Esther Acha Peña: Methane Production

Esther Acha Pena


Methanation process optimization with water sorption carbon based materials


Bilbao, Spain: Universidad del Pais Vasco


Esther Acha Peña


Environmental Engineering


Dr. Acha Peña is an assistant professor at the Engineering School of Bilbao. She teaches courses related to chemistry and chemical engineering. Her Ph.D. research was related to hydrogen purification employing selective membranes. She has worked in different areas related to hydrogen purification, separation and production.

Project Overview

The work is connected with removable methane production from surplus electricity, for example from wind farms. This extra electricity can be employed to produce methane from carbon dioxide and hydrogen. With this process carbon dioxide, which is commonly a waste, can be employed in a process where methane and water are produced. To increase yields in this methanation process, water can be adsorbed directly in the reaction bed shifting the equilibrium and allowing to operate at lower temperatures and higher methane concentration. The student will prepare water sorbents and test them in medium scale pilot plant in the SUPREN research group.