Washoe County: Emergency management online platform

Project Title

WebEOC Development & Updating Opportunity

Research Question

How can Washoe County Emergency Management’s online platform WebEOC become more effective in managing non-emergency (blue skies) information processes?


Washoe County Emergency Management (WCEM) utilizes WebEOC, a web-based portal, to communicate, facilitate community response and recovery, and track emergency operations in disaster situations. WCEM is exploring the opportunity to utilize the WebEOC program beyond the scope of disasters and to make the online information boards more effective. This research project proposal is studying existing programming designed for disaster situations (grey skies), and programming language shared from another county to design a new WebEOC board that is designed for use during non-emergency (blue skies) situations. This board would allow for up-to-date tracking and project planning, and would allow Washoe County to maintain compliance with 2019 accreditation standards.

The first area of focus for this project is an assessment of WebEOC in Washoe County. A report with recommendations about future management of the platform is needed, especially given the known issues the county has with the platform. The second area of focus is the development of a non-emergency blue skies board. The board programming would not have to be developed from scratch, but rather adapted from existing code.


  • Creation of an Emergency Management Accreditation Program Board
  • Report with recommendations for future WebEOC application management

Suggested Skills

  • Advanced programming skills – in particular knowledge of Java Script and HTML
  • Interest in process improvement
  • Good Communication Skills
  • Possible Majors: Computer science, Business, Public Administration, Geography

Agency Representative

Kelly Echeverria
(775) 337-5859