Warrior Women Project: Decolonized learning pod film

Project title

Decolonized Learning Pod

Research question

We are developing short film clips that we are calling “learning pods" and we would like to find someone interested in the collective process of determining the topic related to the concepts in the documentary film Warrior Women and using original media materials such as oral histories and community event footage to edit together an explanation of the topic. For example, explaining the term "matriarchy" or "land-based" or "sovereignty" and doing so through using multiple filmed explanations from the existing media collection of the Warrior Women Project. 


The Warrior Women Project is the culmination of 20+ years of interviewing, archiving, and organizing in the legacy of the Red Power Movement of the 1970s into modern day struggles. Some of that work is showcased in the 2018 critically acclaimed, Peabody-nominated film Warrior Women. The film follows American Indian Movement veteran and Lakota matriarch Madonna Thunder Hawk and her daughter Marcella navigating leadership, matrilineage, motherhood, and community in Indigenous resistance movements from the American Indian Movement to Standing Rock, to the continued fight for the planet today.
Dr. Beth Castle founded the effort in collaboration with Madonna Thunder Hawk and Marcella Gilbert to continue to bridge the gap between traditional exclusive scholarship and community-based histories. The project holds a large collection of oral history interviews with women of the Red Power Movement, event footage and extensive outtakes of film footage. The goal is to create multi-media resources to deepen our understanding of unknown histories of Indigenous matriarchy and community resistance. 


A multi-page document, possible more than one depending on collective decision making that can be used as a companion resource guide to the documentary film Warrior Women. This resource should be rooted in solid research and be easily accessible, not written with academic jargon.

Suggested skills

  1. Attention to details and organizational skills, use of Google Docs.
  2. Research skills, ability to fact check and source information.
  3. Summary writing skills - sassy style a plus.
  4. Some graphics skills, primarily ability to envision visual elements that could be included in document, if not the ability to add or create them (this could be done by someone else)

Agency representative

Elizabeth (Beth) Castle