City of Reno: Photojournalism of Reno’s diversity

Project Title

Photojournalist Documentation of Reno's Diversity

Research Question

How can we better represent the diversity and shine a light on the range of peoples and cultures that comprise the rich community in Reno?


Photojournalism, like many professions, embodies the level of inequity that exists in society. The City of Reno would like to expand our image database to better reflect the diversity of individuals, cultures, and organizations that make up the richness in our community. The city will provide direction on how to best capture images that help us to better shine a light on and understand the people and places in our community.


A rich diversity of images that the City of Reno can use in publications and social media.

Suggested Skills

Proficiency and/or knowledge and expertise in: photography, photojournalism, journalism, social media, race and media.

Agency Representative

Natalie Lumbo
(775) 334-2288