City of Reno: Analysis of operational efficiency gaps in public infrastructure maintenance

Project title

Analysis of Operational Efficiency Gaps in Public Infrastructure Maintenance

Research question

How can a department focused on data entry to track time and jobs, be more innovative and streamline their processes? Is there technology that does or should exist? How do other cities limit redundancies in work processes related to time and job entry for city maintenance projects, and what is the cost benefit?


The City of Reno is focused on operational efficiencies and sustainable practices. One of the issues the Department of Public Works faces is the use of one system to enter jobs, one system to enter time, and another system to enter costs related to jobs and time. It takes a lot of boots on the ground to keep a city running, from cleaning sidewalks, to repairing public buildings, to cleaning up excess waste in the streets. If administrative processes could be streamlined, the staff could focus people and funds toward areas that currently lack. The goal of this project is to present the city with innovative ideas and technology to solve this problem.

Interviews of existing City staff will be required to further develop a scope of work and analyze existing processes and technology.


The City would like the final deliverable to be a report inclusive of an analysis from other cities; cost benefit; and proposal of new technologies or processes.

Suggested skills

IT; Computer Science; Public Administration; Finance; Industrial Engineering; good communication skills; good time management.

Agency representative

Suzanne Linfante
(775) 334-2067