City of Reno: In-depth scoping of state and regional climate resilience plans

Project title

In-Depth Scoping of State and Regional Climate Resilience Plans

Research question

What type of resiliency plans existing in the state of Nevada, but more focused in this region? Where do the plans intersect? For example, a water management plan might talk about drought years and climate change mitigation, but the core focus is not climate resiliency. Then, evaluate the gaps in each plan when talking about climate resiliency that will inform the creation of one comprehensive regional plan. Lastly, lay a path forward for the development of a more comprehensive regional plan including identification of other plans as examples and a brief summary about each.


The City of Reno adopted a Sustainability Plan in July 2019. Within that plan, the City states it should take the lead on a Climate Resiliency Plan. However, an in-depth scoping of what exists in the region needs to be done before the committee focused on this effort can begin to draft a new plan.


The final deliverable will be a report on the findings in a format that can be used by the City to inform next steps in the planning process.

Suggested skills

Writing; research; data analysis; engineering; communication (ability to conduct interviews and phone calls in a professional manner); academic focus on environmental science or environmental engineering would be helpful.

Agency representative

Suzanne Linfante
(775) 334-2067