City of Reno: Mapping the impact of arts & culture grants

Project title

Mapping the Impact of Arts & Culture Grants

Research question

How is the arts, culture and events office/Arts & Culture Commission of the City of Reno currently serving the needs of the community? Where are the areas of impact and how can we reach more of the community?


The Reno Arts & Culture Commission (RACC) is currently collecting data from its Arts & Culture grantees on who is attending their programming and events, where events and programs take place, and what types of events are being programmed. We would like to compile this data to give a rough idea of the area and populations we currently serve. We are interested in seeing where the gaps are and coming up with a plan to create more available programming or programs that reach underserved population. Particularly, we are looking to serve a larger proportion of the community and create programs that are targeted and impactful. We are proposing a research project that involves collecting and analyzing current data to see where we are presently and designing and creating a map that reflects this data.


  • Current data input and assessment--who are we currently serving and how
  • Creation of a map that visualizes current data, analysis of trends
  • Recommendations on expanding outreach and impact

Suggested skills

  • Public administration, social geography, GIS, statistics, art, planning, journalism, or political science major or program of study
  • Working knowledge of spreadsheets and data collection methods
  • Interest in community outreach and engagement
  • Good communication skills

Agency representative

Megan Berner
(775) 326-6333