Project ReCharge powered by Envirolution

Project title

Impacts of Project ReCharge Curriculum

Research question

Having Project ReCharge as an elective/STEM class curriculum will increase student retention within the science and math content.


Project ReCharge is a hands-on, project-based Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Mathematics (STEAM) curriculum and training program that engages students, teachers, and community professionals. This interactive sustainability and energy education program provides valuable professional learning and classroom resources to teachers, who then empower 4th-12th grade students to become sustainability detectives focused on saving their home, school, and community money through energy efficiency and sustainability projects. Innovative lessons, energy data, and interactive dashboards engage students and teachers as they learn about energy generation, consumption, efficiency, and sustainability.

Project ReCharge would like to compare standardized assessments from students who are engaged with at least 50% of the hands-on curriculum to those who are not to see what the impact is on students that participate in trans-disciplinary learning that supports multiple core class subjects.


  1. Data Analysis of Project ReCharge students compared to a control group.
  2. Written report based on the above analysis detailing the process and explaining the analysis.
  3. Recommendations for improvement based on data analysis report.

Suggested skills

The applicant should have some experience with research projects (i.e., know how to write and implement a survey, tabulate and analyze data). G-Suite is used at the company and it would be desirable to have an applicant who is familiar with google docs, sheets, forms, and data studio. We seek a curious hands-on person with a desire to make an impact in our community who supports Envirolution's mission of "Inspiring and empowering the next generation of leaders and workers who will drive the growth of a sustainable economy.

Agency representative

Laura Scarselli-Hendrix

(775) 223-9801