Nevada Recycles: Recycling at apartment complexes

Project title

Recycling at apartment complexes

Research question

What needs to happen in a community to increase the number of apartment complexes that implement recycling services for their residents in Nevada?


The state recycling regulations were updated in 2009 and in accordance with NAC’s 444A.120(1)(b) and 444A.130(2) a municipality who makes programs available for recycling shall document said program and include, without limitation, the placement of recycling containers on the premises of apartment complexes and condominiums. These NAC’s are applicable to counties with populations of 100K or more (Clark and Washoe). Despite this change in regulations, there continues to be a low percentage of complexes that offer recycling services to their residents.

What are the barriers to providing this service, and what steps must be taken by all participating parties (residents, complex management and waste haulers) to increase the number of properties that participate in residential recycling programs at multifamily dwellings?


  1. Report on the number of apartment and condo properties in the Reno and Las Vegas Area that participate or desire participation in a residential recycling program. Include what increases in rates or modifications to tenant agreements would be acceptable by residents and property managers to have recycling services provided.
  2. Report on the barriers (i.e. education, contamination, franchise agreements etc.) to service providers (WM, Republic) with recommendations from service providers on how operations would need to be modified in order to succeed.

Suggested skills

Research, writing and data analysis

Agency representative

Patty Moen
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