Nevada Green Institute Inc.: Public awareness of sustainability

Project Title

Measuring public awareness and knowledge of sustainability best practices

Research Question

This project is Phase 2 of a multi-phase problem. In Phase 1, a survey instrument was developed for questions to the community concerning sustainable practices. Phase 2 will make an effor to implement this survey. Initial research questions for Phase 2 include, a) what population should be surveyed; b) How will the sample be selected? What is the optimal sample size to minimize sampling error? How can response rates be maximized?. Ideally results will be analyzed to help answer the larger question, What is the level of knowledge of sustainable practices in our community?


Action towards implementing sustainability practices will ultimately depend on public knowledge, understanding, and support. This research project uses exploratory research methods for measuring the public knowledge of sustainability concept and its practices. In phase one the initial survey instrument was developed.


  1. If necessary refining initial research objectives and identify the sampling frame
  2. Administrate the survey instruments
  3. Produce a final report.

Suggested Skills

Ability to develop a sampling framework, knowledge of statistical analysis, and interpretation including writing research finding. Fields of study may include Psychology, Sociology, Environmental Science, Planning, Geography, and other similar fields.

Agency Representative

Aster Girma
(775) 434-8409