For Kids Foundation: Children’s urgent, unmet needs community assessment

Project title

Children’s Urgent, Unmet Needs Community Assessment

Research question

To secure grant funding and donor support, we would like to show a needs-based assessment: number of children, types of unmet needs, reasons why no alternative funding, or any other reason why a child cannot obtain a product/service to help them thrive. We need help obtaining statistics to demonstrate the need for our program in Northern Nevada, i.e., (any of these items):

1) how many children could benefit from a program like ours
2) what is age breakdown
3) what is the geographic location breakdown
4) what types of products/services are in most need (medical, dental, psychological, well-being, or educational)
5) what alternative funding resources are available (will help us not duplicate services)
6) what measurable benefit could a child obtain from our program

Moving forward, we would also be interested in help assessing:
1) a Program Assessment would include surveys and follow-up with families receiving Program Awards at 3-, 6-, and 12-month intervals to assess the efficacy of our Award and the status of the child
2) a study to see if we open our Program to the ENTIRE state, what funding opportunities could we expect (grants, major donors)
3) a review of our marketing efforts
4) a financial review and recommendations



Since 2003, For Kids Foundation fills in gaps created by other programs/organizations to fund the urgent, unmet needs of Northern Nevada children (from birth to age 21) when there is no other known financial resource available.

We cover almost any professionally recommended product/service for children, from birth to age 21. Our only criteria are that the need benefits a child, no alternative is available, and the child resides in Northern Nevada.  We do not discriminate based on gender, nationality, religion, or citizenship.

Parents/guardians apply for assistance via our online application. We interview the family, search for alternative funding, request supporting documents from professionals treating the child (pediatrician, dentist, orthodontist, therapist, teacher/educator) to substantiate the need, ask service providers for discounts, and present every single application for full Board of Director review at biweekly teleconferences. If approved, we order the product (computers, beds, etc.) to be delivered or we pay the service provider directly to ensure proper use of funds.

Although we serve "Northern Nevada," which for us is the entire state excluding the Las Vegas metropolitan area, 62% of total applications received in 2021 originated from the Reno/Sparks area.



The applicant will deliver statistics obtained as:
1) Excel spreadsheet showing statistics of the number of children (birth to age 21), geographic locations, and need and/or statistics outlining show a lack of certain services, ages of children, miles to travel to get service, or any other hindrance to obtaining service for the child.
2) Word document report describing the need, lack of funding sources to obtain services, and detriment to the child if product/services not obtained.


Suggested skills

The applicant should have some experience with research projects (i.e., know how to conduct an online search, write and implement a survey, tabulate and analyze data). Applicant should be proficient in Microsoft Office products: Word, PowerPoint, and Excel.


Agency representative

Annie Goni-Stewart

(775) 741-5231