Education Innovation Collaborative: Learning lab design

Project title

Learning Lab Design Challenge: Conduct collaborative action research to design a future-of-learning school and ecosystem

Research question

What are best practices in personalized, student-centered, and competency-based learning that can inform the Learning Lab design?


The Education Innovation Collaborative (EIC) is a non-profit social impact community coalition with the mission to "reimagine education to empower all learners". Our current initiative is to facilitate community-engaged research and development of the next generation student-centered learning ecosystem for NNV and the state.

Visit for more information.

Visit Education Reimagined for vision and examples of learner-centered environments that inform the focus of this study.


Working with a team of other students and educators, and EIC staff, conduct research and comparative study of literature reviews and existing schools and district programs.

Report findings, conclusions, recommendations. May involve site visits to schools, programs, districts.

Suggested skills

  1. Research, analysis, and communication of large amounts of complex information
  2. Interviewing people for information; create questions, record and writing up
  3. Capacity to collaborate with team members to create conclusions and recommendations
  4. Ability to present findings in written, verbal, and multimedia forms, including creating charts, graphs, and presentation slides
  5. Experience with MS Word, Excel, and PowerPoint and ideally Google Drive, Sheets, Word, and Slides
  6. Ideally be able to communicate findings through a podcast, video, blog, and website postings

Agency representative

Mary Alber
(775) 224-3736