Build Our Center, Inc.: LGBTQ community needs

This opportunity has been awarded and is no longer open for applications.

Project title

Build Our Center, Inc.: LGBTQ community needs

Research question

The LGBTQ community encompasses a wide array of individuals with varied backgrounds, ages, ethnicities, sexual orientations and gender identities. Assessing the needs of this broad grouping of individuals is essential for nonprofits and service providers assisting those from the community. The question that needs to be answered is as follows: what are the most prevalent needs of those in the community and where are the gaps in services provided?


Build Our Center, Inc. operated Our Center, which is the LGBTQ community center in northern Nevada. Our data is limited to those individuals who frequent Our Center and engage with our volunteers at various events, functions, and outreach programs. We do not have the information or data for those who we are not servicing or currently able to reach within the community. Given that national statistics average 6-10% of communities identify as LGBTQ, we are missing a significant portion of our local community.


The student can expect to develop a community-based survey in regard to which services or support are needed based on the aspects (demographics) of the community. The survey can be constructed with a combination of literature and community engagement. In addition to identifying needs, the data can also demonstrate where these needs might currently be addressed, where there are gaps in services that are not being provided, and who or which organizations are expected to provide services or fill the gaps.

Suggested skills

The student should be comfortable in interacting with a diverse array of individuals, including those of non-conforming sexual orientation and gender identity. The student should have skill in communication, sensitivity in assessing personal information, an ability to maintain confidentiality, a willingness to engage in community outreach, and an understanding of the various aspects of the LGBTQ community and queer theory. These skills/abilities are in addition to those needed to complete the project in question. Potential fields of study include social work, political science, public administration, English, history, gender studies, etc.

Agency representative

Jeromy Manke
(775) 815-9450