Albright Project: Webmap of Nevada recreational water locations

Project title

Webmap of Nevada Recreational Water Locations

Research question

Student research awardees will work to better understand mapping of state water sites that could be used for recreation. Sites would be located by grid locations. Names, size, access, wildlife, fish, flora, quality of the water, depth, restrooms, ramps, put ins take outs and other needed information. The project is being conducted in coordination with the Nevada Department of Conservation and Natural Resources and NDOW. in a way for Nevada to also use the findings for Tourism in our State. When anyone is interested in a possible water related experience. They will be able to research any water or waterway in Nevada and find pertinent information about that site and any information to make it a wonderful experience over the web as well as through Nevada Agencies and Tourism sites.


Create a web site that would allow the public of Nevada to search out all possible water locations in Nevada that could be used for recreation. 

Suggested skills

Students versed in natural resources, water, website development, and mapping.

Agency representative

Charles Albright
(775) 324-5102